Chelyabinsk Coal Company


Oligarch Konstantin Strukov asked for money from the Chelyabinsk region's budget


The owner of Yuzhuralzolot will build a new GOK instead of reclamation of the Korkino section.

Igor Altushkin will flood Chelyabinsk with waste to get copper


Local residents are actively protesting, but they only hope that the plant project will turn out to be economically useless. This is the only thing that will help them not to live at the waste dump.

Dirty gold of billionaire Strukov


In May, in the Trans-Baikal Territory, the desperate miners of the Darasun gold mine announced a strike. The reason is typical for Russia: the greed, impudence, and lack of principles of the owner of the mine, billionaire Konstantin Strukov.

Billionaire Konstantin Strukov kills miners


A mine collapsed in the Chelyabinsk region: Will the management of the company registered in Cyprus be punished for that?

Russian Copper Company steps into a mine


It can buy 50% of the Chelyabinsk coal company.