Corporation "Rostec"


Chemezov's children fell for Rostec contracts


How Chemezov's sons make billions from a state corporation.

Igor Chaika shared the trash with Rostec


The subsidiary of the state corporation became a co-owner of the National Ecological Corporation. Previously, the company was controlled by Igor Chaika, Alexander Ponomarev and the brother of the ex-President of Moldova.

How Chemezov drove Uralvagonzavod into debt


In the Ural subsidiary of Rostec, the management may change in the near future.

Chemezov's "daughters" moved to Maybach


Rostec's subsidiary bought the previous Maybach three years ago.

Rosoboronexport inherited in London


Foreigners attributed to "Rostec" Sergei Chemezov a billion pound store in London?

Bosov’s widow caught between Sechin and Chemezov


The struggle for the coal legacy of the owner of Sibanthracite will begin in the very near future. Structures related to either Rostec or Rosneft can win it.

KRET and its plant will spend 72 million to take a break from burning ventilators


The KRET corporation owned by Rostec and the Ural Instrument-Making Plant, which is a part of the latter, and manufactures Russian Aventa-M IVL devices, will spend 72 million rubles on lawyers.

Stepdaughter Chemezova passed Abramovich’s mansion for half a billion


The income of a relative of the head of Rostec can reach 24 million rubles a month.

Sergey Chemezov found a gold mine in the dumps


RT-Invest is planning to build 30 waste incineration plants in Russia. Now the company is building five plants in the suburbs and Kazan for 200 billion rubles.

Denis Manturov and Sergey Chemezov sawed budget


The Ministry of Industry and Trade, in the person of Denis Manturov, will scrape through the guts and find more than 20 billion rubles for the head of Rostec, Sergei Chemezov, and the owner of NK Bank Viktor Grigoriev.

Land of Baron Mikheev


The young grandchildren of the head of Rosoboronexport, Alexander Mikheev, turned out to be the owners of billions of land estates.

Uralkali became toxic due to Sergey Chemezov


The head of Rostec, as the chairman of the board of directors of the potash company, pulls it to the sanctions bottom.

Sergey Chemezov became a Hero


The contribution of the head of Rostec to the development of the defense complex is canceled by the title of Hero of Russia.

Vladimir Yevtushenko rushed to the "Cosmos"


AFK Sistema may rebuild the area near the hotel.

FSB, Rostec and other troubles of Russian business


The Center for Business against Corruption analyzes the problems of businessmen with specific examples.

Sergey Chemezov lost half a billion rubles because of contractors "Uralvagonzavod"


The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation could not recover the penalty for the broken contract.

Sergey Chemezov launched his hand in the state pocket


"Rostec" is trying to get money from the budget for the construction of new aircraft.

VEB.RF intends to sell at auction Kazan Synthetic Rubber Plant


At a strategic enterprise opened bankruptcy proceedings.

Sergey Chemezov asked for money from Vladimir Putin for airplanes


Rostec needs 300 billion rubles to recapitalize the United Aircraft Corporation.

Sergey Chemezov will enter Moscow Exchange


Rostec plans to raise up to 100 billion rubles for projects of the KLA and Kamaz.

Transmashholding is asking for fire


Transmashholding may buy the manufacturer Gradov and Smerchey.

How Tina Kandelaki makes money on beauty


TV presenter for the year earned 130 million rubles.

Sergei Chemezov's mother-in-law registered at the Rostec sanatorium


As part of the Black Sea sanatorium of the corporation, the mother-in-law of its general director, Sergey Chemezov, was taken over.

Sergey Chemezov will send Natsimbio to the colony


The FSIN will procure drugs for HIV.

Sergey Maslov put Denis Manturov in the saddle


The former person involved in the criminal case will build an equestrian center and a golf club in Gelendzhik.

Sergey Chemezov will spend 90 million on positive PR "Rostec"


The state corporation has placed a contract for 550 thousand positive publications in the federal media.

Yuri Chaika discovered billions of dollars of theft in Roskosmos and Rostec


More than 1.6 billion rubles were allocated back in 2018 to create the latest weapons development and modernization of the production base, as a result, these funds were stolen. According to the results of prosecutor's checks, criminal cases were initiated.

Close to Sergei Chemezov attracted the Costa Brava


A consortium of OCCRP journalists found villas and castles of friends and relatives of the head of Rostec, Sergei Chemezov, in the Spanish town of S'Agaro.