Corporation "Rostec"


Investing state capitalists: the most expensive apartment in Moscow, business jets, and other non-core assets


A former top manager of Rostec is now co-owner of "VSMPO-Avisma" and the largest manufacturer of medicinal substances.

Kerimov will sell Sukhoi Log to the Chinese


Fosun Group intends to acquire a blocking stake in "Polyus Gold".

Minister Nikiforov in touch


The Ministry of Communications has taken aback the public with a new statement. In its opinion, it is necessary to reduce the number of payphones and internet points. As seen from this statement, the above-mentioned services should be reduced in the big cities.

Uralvagonzavod received an order for 30 000 railroad cars


Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to buy them within three years at the expense of mobilization budget.

Russia may face problems with the vaccines for the prevention of tuberculosis


The only supplier, subsidiary of Rostec, voiced such concerns. 

How much the Russian nouveaux riches spent on wedding of their children


Ranking of the most expensive weddings of Russian oligarchs' children in 2016.

Breast of Chemezov's stepdaughter to decorate Pirelli Calendar


The Italian group og companies gave exclusive bribes to vain families of Rostec officials. 

Yevtushenkov to sell Rostec's unprofitable assets in microelectronics


Rostec and AFK Sistema to discuss the creation of a new holding company: the Russian microelectronics industry is waiting for a mega deal.

Virus Chemezation


Rostec carved up millions of rubles on vaccines.

Rotenberg's competitor: new projects and new conflicts of Marina Sechina


Marina Sechina, former wife of the CEO of Rosneft Igor Sechin, continues to collect assets.

VSMPO-Avisma deprived the employees of 9 billion rubles for the benefit of shareholders


Once again the company is going to pay dividends, while an increase in staff salaries again is rejected.

Sergey Chemezov got a bunker with one-meter-thick walls instead of a palace


The Chemezov family shifts the blame on an interior designer who was paid by a suitcase with $3 million in cash.

Rostec is ready to implement the Yarovaya law using the pension savings of Russians


The telecommunications operators will have to return the money, around 3-4 billion rubles every year.

Novikombank is a goner with Elena Georgieva


Mistakes of the Chairman of the Board nullify all shareholder's efforts to save the bank of Rostec. 

Mad Chemezov will throw billions of dollars on unnecessary aircrafts


Sergey Chemezov's new idea would cost Russia $4.9 billion.

What Sergey Chemezov's wife earns on


The wife of the general director of Rostec, Yekaterina Ignatova, is regularly ranked in the list of the richest wives of state managers. How successful are her business projects?

How Chemezov's friend invested in the car industry


Vitaly Maschitsky collected the shares of AvtoVAZ for Renault-Nissan, and the shares of Kamaz for Daimler.

Rostec: success on account of the budget


What the state corporation can and cannot do. 

The Rostec Matrix


Why the State Corporation of Sergey Chemezov needed a superbank.

Roskosmos to create its own insurance broker


The new entity will take care of all the security issues of enterprises of rocket and space industry.

Sergey Chemezov - RBC: "How can I advise the president? Who am I?"


The state corporation entrusted to Sergey Chemezov was once engaged in the export of arms, and now creates monopolies in the domestic market. In the interests of the country, it is sometimes better to appoint suppliers by decision, the head of Rostec believes. 

Rostec entrusted Serdyukov with entities having annual revenues of 350 billion rubles


Former Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov became the overseer of aviation assets of state corporation Rostec. He controls the entities of the corporation with revenues of about 350 billion rubles a year.