Corporation "Rostekh"


"Rostegh" left Alisher Usmanov one on one with Udokan


The structure of Alisher Usmanov for 10 years of ownership of a license to develop the Udokan copper deposit did nothing.

AtovoZAZ got rid of minority shareholders


The joint venture of Renault and Rosteha has completed the redemption of the shares of the car factory.

"Natsimbio" will lose the status of a monopolist


"Daughter" of "Rostecha" - the company "Natsimbio" - may lose the status of the only supplier of blood products, because it did not fulfill its obligations to build a plant in Kirov. In this case, finish it in "Microgen"

Alisher Usmanov and Alexander Galitsky will pick up the Russian labeling


The Center for Development of Advanced Technologies, which has become a sponsor of the project, will spend 200 billion rubles for 15 years in order to collect forever the fee for each labeled product in Russia.

Non-effective sanctions


Concern "Kalashnikov" in conditions of restrictions continues to search for new markets.

"Aeroflot" will pay 7 billion rubles for a contract for the purchase of MS-21


The airline will buy from its minority shareholders 4.3% of its securities. The company's shareholders did not support the acquisition of 50 mid-range MS-21 aircraft for Aeroflot's purchase of $ 5.2 billion.

VEB recognizes loans to the concern Tractor plants lost


The state corporation will be able to return only 5.4 billion rubles of debt.

Sergei Chemezov demanded to give Igor Shuvalov his hand


The head of Rostecha warned Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev about the risks of the plan for VEB's new management to revise the conditions for the financial recovery of Tractor Plants. The transfer of the deal threatens the implementation of the state defense order, Chemezov believes.

Uralvagonzavod is preparing a large-scale reduction of staff


The corporation "Uralvagonzavod" plans to throw up to 15 thousand people from its factories to reduce costs. The remaining salaries will not be increased.

"Power Machines" will sell turbines to Iran for 171 million euros


The tender for the supply of equipment for a new TPP company bypassed the Urals turbine plant.

"RosElectronics" refused to modernize "Angstrem"


The structure of the corporation Rostek has blocked the additional issue of shares of Zelenograd plant Angstrem by 160 million rubles due to fear of losing its blocking stake. Bearing financial losses the enterprise in its turn will remain without money for modernization.

Anatoly Serdyukov will become the owner of the Russian aviation industry


The head of the Rostekha aviation cluster, Anatoly Serdyukov, talked about his work in the state corporation, the strategy of combining Russian aircraft construction in one concern and the experience made by the producers of the Syrian campaign.

Chemezov spoke about plans to create an air concern modeled on Airbus


The Russian aviation industry will be united into one concern within Rostekh. However, the state corporations refused to join the JAC with the Helicopters of Russia due to the presence of minority shareholders in both companies.

Russians will pay taxes to Alisher Usmanov and Sergei Chemezov


With each cigarette, tablet or coat, Russians will pay tribute. The main beneficiary of the introduction of a total marking system in Russia will be the oligarch Alisher Usmanov.

Ministry of Industry and Trade proposed to modernize TPPs without foreigners


Minpromtorg proposed to prohibit foreign companies from participating in the modernization of Russian thermal power plants in the 1920s. True, officials forgot that the gas turbine's own nomenclature does not cover the needs of the program, worth 1.4 trillion rubles. Whether it will be possible to develop new ones is not yet known.

In Rostekhnadzor will deal with the causes of emergency at the plant Sverdlova


In Rostekhnadzor will deal with the causes of emergency at the plant "Plant them. Ya. M. Sverdlov. "

Sergei Chemezov will sell the Defense Ministry laptops for 500 thousand rubles


The corporation "Rosteh" will overwhelm the military with laptops at a fabulous price.

The Kondrashov brothers gave Nizhny Novgorod TV company "Volga" to the structures of "Rosteh"


The brothers Kondrashov lost to the Nizhny Novgorod television company Rostekh.

Partner of "Rostecha" did not receive gold deposit due to dispute over price


The businessman does not want to pay the owners of the company Ksenievsky Prize for its gold-mining assets in the Trans-Baikal Territory.

Siemens wants to localize the production of gas turbines by 90%


The German concern is not going to leave because of the scandal with the supply of turbines to the Crimea from Russia and plans to bring the localization of production of gas turbines in Russia to 90%.

Sergei Chemezov has monopolized the purchase of influenza vaccines in Russia


The company "Nazimbio", which is part of Rostek, will sell to the Ministry of Health of Russia 31 million doses of flu vaccine for 3.8 billion rubles. The benefits of these vaccines are more than doubtful, but their purchases in Russia grow from year to year.

Technopromexport needs turbines for Taman


The structure of the corporation Sergei Chemezov - "Technopromexport" - after the delivery of the "prohibited" turbines to Siemens, Siemens will announce a tender for the purchase of similar products for TPPs in the Krasnodar Territory. The seller will probably again be Siemens.

Retailers were not allowed to sell drugs


After leaving the government of the Russian Federation, Igor Shuvalov, a lobbyist for allowing retail chains to sell over-the-counter drugs, his successor Tatyana Golikova withdrew this project from the Cabinet's agenda. That's why the project of Sergei Chemezov and his partner Alexander Vinokurov was torpedoed.

Russian authorities want to strengthen control over trips of Russians abroad through permits


However, until this failed to do because of the developer's bankruptcy. Now the "Electronic ticket" will be developed by the corporation "Rostekh" and there are all chances that the company of Chemezov, to the great joy of Russian tourists, will fail this project.

Aeroflot shareholders decided not to pay members of the board of directors multi-million bonuses


For the first time in the history of the company, members of Aeroflot's board of directors will not receive a reward of 187.2 million rubles in the long-term motivation program. This decision was blocked by the government.

Moscow City Court overturned the decision on the absentee arrest of the architect Manana Hernandez-Getashvili


"Offended" married couple Chemezov-Ignatova Georgian-Portuguese architect jumped off the hook of Russian justice. The Moscow City Court found unlawful the postponement of the absentee arrest of Hernandez Getashvili, who is suspected of fraud for several million dollars in the design of the palaces of Russian nouveaux riches.

Russian competitor Elon Musk told about reusable rockets and ISS rental


The general director of Russia's first private space company S7 Space, Sergei Sopov, explains why they need a plant for rocket engines and why they want to lease an ISS.

Sverdlovsk asset "Rostecha" found sources of income in suits to the Defense Ministry


JSC "Spetsremont" of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has already retreated from the claim for 600 million rubles. Now the structure of "Rosteha" Sergei Chemezov require the military 70 million rubles for "using other people's money."