Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank . Немецкий финансовый конгломерат. Основан 1870 году. Наиболее крупными акционерами Deutsche Bank являются принадлежащие бывшему премьер-министру Катара Хамаду Аль-Тани компании Paramount Services Holdings Ltd. и Supreme Universal Holdings Ltd. - 6% акций, американская инвестиционная компания BlackRock - 6,79% акций и зарегистрированная в Панаме Treetop Family Foundation Inc. - 3,05% акций. Штаб-квартира располагается в Франкфурте-на-Майне (Германия).
Род деятельности: Банковские и финансовые услуги, страхование. Deutsche Bank входит в число наиболее значимых мировых финансовых институтов. В 2015 году чистая прибыль составила убытки составили 6,7 миллиардов евро. В штате числится более 100 тысяч человек. Официальный сайт

Deutsche Bank could ignore problems with laundering when working with Russian customers


The bank handed over documents to the US Congress on cooperation with Russians, reports Reuters.

Deutsche Bank recruited stupid children of Russian officials


The bank will pay a $ 16.2 million fine for hiring officials' children in exchange for government orders.

London branch of Deutsche Bank threatened the Russian government to sever relations


The bank requires updating the client information, but officials do not understand what is required of them.

Alexander Voloshin invested in American petrochemistry


According to The Guardian, the former head of the presidential administration invested $ 1.25 million in American Ethane.

In Russia, another bank scam


The recent detention of the largest underground financier Myazin is expected to be not the last in the scandalous investigation.

Metalloinvest has withdrawn from Norilsk Nickel


The 1.79% stake was sold for $400 million.

Everything acquired by hard work


Why the former head of the Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin found himself in the hotspot with the British press?

Deutsche Bank fired about 200 employees in Russia


The Russian subsidiary of Deutsche Bank had a new wave of layoffs at the end of 2016. In total, since 2015, when the bank announced plans on business optimization in Russia, about 200 people have been fired. 

The fate of the investor: how Deutsche Bank will change business priorities


Deutsche Bank is preparing a reshuffle, the sale of inefficient assets and business restructuring, trying to overcome record losses. Experts believe DB's abandonment of an investment bank's image is risky. 

Deutsche Bank will bring the majority of Russian business to London


Deutsche Bank pulls much of its local business out of Russia. RBC interlocutors tied this decision to the sanctions, the decline of the Russian stock market and the investigation of money laundering by Russian customers.

Russian roulette of the German bank


Soon it may become clear, what Russian laundered more than six billion dollars through Deutsche Bank.



In Germany, a major financial scandal erupted around Deutsche Bank and dirty Russian money.