Dow Jones

Dow Jones. Американский биржевой индекс отражающий активность 30 крупнейших промышленных компаний на фондовом рынке США. Официальный сайт

Demyan Kudryavtsev will own 100% of Vedomosti


Pearson and Dow Jones have decided to withdraw from the shareholders of the newspaper.

Demyan Kudryavtsev reregistered The Moscow Times to his wife


This will help him to comply with the law on the limitation of the proportion of foreigners in the media.

First Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea intends to sue Dow Jones and WSJ


Rustam Temirgaliev is ready to sue Dow Jones and the newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch, because of advertising with his name in it. The Russian senators also intend to support the official's plan.