Russian GLONASS became a victim of US sanctions


"Roskosmos" disrupted the program of building satellites.

The US abandoned the life-sustaining NGO Energomash until 2021


The Russian corporation entered into a contract for the supply of a new batch of RD-181 engines in the US.

Perm plant "Proton-PM" will remain without orders for space


In connection with the refusal of the Russian Federation to operate reliable Soviet carrier rockets Proton, the Perm company of the same name will lose more than 30% of its revenue. It was previously brought rocket engines RD-276. To replace these drop-out incomes there is nothing.

Space-scale defects


Systematic defects and missile assembly errors increase the gap between Russia and the United States and China.

The trial of a former billionaire, Forbes hero, started in Yekaterinburg


The businessman is already serving his time at the request of German Gref. Now he is put on trial for the bankruptcy of the Ural assets.