FAS of the Russian Federation


Crab crawls from Vyborg shipbuilders


Changes in the rules for issuing quotas for the resource's catch may cost the plant an order of 320 million euros.

Russian crab will be half auctioned


Since 2019, half of the crab catch quotas in Russia will be distributed through electronic auctions. Industry participants suspect in the lobbying of such a decision of the owners of the Russian fishery company Gleb Frank and Maxim Vorobyov (the latter has already left her business).

50% of budget funds allocated for children's recreation were mastered by two travel companies affiliated with each other


50% of the allocated budget funds have mastered the structures, affiliated with the brothers. It is noteworthy that Sergei Gumen previously worked in the administration of the Petrogradsky district of St. Petersburg.

The court will allow Nordavia not to repay the loan to offshore


The court allowed the company Sergei Kuznetsov not to return a loan of almost 640 million rubles.

Russians are selling biologically active additives from poor-quality Chinese raw materials


The friendship of Russian people and Chinese "vitamins" enriched the Prokopievs.

Billionaires Vladimir Lisin and Leonid Mikhelson became angry at FAS


Regulation of tariffs both the monopolist and consumers are dissatisfied. According to the owner of NLMK Vladimir Lisin, it is not the case of the antimonopoly authority to regulate prices "at the corners", without taking into account other factors. But the government will make the final decision.

FAS Russia suspected the Ministry of Health in collusion with the companies of Alexey Repik


Three antitrust cases have already been initiated against Alexey Repik's R-Pharm.

FAS has recognized the guilt of operators in the understatement of prices for SMS for state banks


FAS revealed violations of the "Big Four" mobile operators competition law - the tariff for sending SMS to state-owned banks was set lower than for the rest. Cellular companies must eliminate violations within two weeks.

Former owner of Rosgosstrakh Danil Khachaturov spoke about the details of the sale of RGS Life


The former owner of Rosgosstrakh, Danil Khachaturov, for the first time disclosed the details of the sale to the company of RGS Life by Evgeny Giner. According to him, the deal was made in order to cover Rosgosstrakh's billions of losses from compulsory motor third party liability insurance.

The Ministry of Economics proposes to hide data on major transactions of Russian corporations


FAS will not be able to publish information on the upcoming transactions of large companies, and they will, by the decision of the government, have the right not to disclose some of their data. The corresponding draft was prepared by the Ministry of Economic Development.

FAS brought UCL to a fine


FAS fined the Container Terminal St. Petersburg (KTSP) entering into UCL Holding Vladimir Lisin by 91.2 million rubles. But Igor Artemyev's department will not see this money.

Retail networks are suspected of potato Russophobia


The Union of Vegetable Producers of Russia complained to the Ministry of Agriculture on retail chains refusing to buy Russian unpacked and unwashed potatoes.

Taimuraz Bolloev and VTB began to absorb the empire of Oleg Deripaska


The former president of Baltika and VTB will buy Gelendzhik's airport from Oleg Deripaska. The deal has nothing to do with sanctions, says Basel Aero.

Ministry of Health denies collusion with Alexei Repik


The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation responded to suspicions of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) in collusion with R-Pharm. The department does not understand which part of the antimonopoly legislation was violated, and the FAS verification is called biased.

Competitors set on Alexei Repik FAS Russia


Suddenly, the clear-sighted antimonopoly service suspected the Ministry of Health in unusually generous preferences for the company "R-Pharm."

Transneft to get control over Russia's largest port


She buys a share of Suma in NCSP.

Bayer threatened to leave Russia


The company sued the FAS because of the deal with Monsanto, which the anti-monopolists are trying to block in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Eduard Khudainatov will sell gas field to Novatek


The company needs an asset in Yamal to compensate for the decline in production.

Yandex will gobble up its competitor for taxi services


The end of the war between Yandex.Taxi and Uber will lead to higher prices for the Russian passengers.