The FBI took Kirill Firsov for the gills


The head of the Russian marketplace was arrested in the United States.

Inga Yumasheva told the FBI about all Putin's secrets


The State Duma speaker called the interrogation of the deputy a cynical provocation.

Investigator in the case of Pavel Wroblewski may sit for 20 years


A former officer of the Center for Information Security FSB sold the FBI for $ 10 million information relating to the secret.

Sergey Adonyev supplied the Motherland not only with Cuban sugar, but also with Latin American cocaine


What connects billionaire Sergey Adoniev with cocaine smuggling and Putin.

Sergey Gordeev hoisted Gref and Sobyanin at the pic


As the main developer of the capital associated with the mafia, Trump and the mayor of Moscow.

Three FSB officers accused of issuing state secrets for $ 10 million


Cases of the FSB officers accused of treason reached the court.

Oleg Deripaska did not become an American spy


The New York Times described how the Russian oligarch rejected the FBI proposal for cooperation.

The FBI again convicted Oleg Deripaska in connection with the surroundings of Donald Trump


Special Attorney Robert Mueller managed to find evidence of a link between ex-head of Donald Trump's campaign headquarters, Paul Manafort and Oleg Deripaska. Billionaire financed the work of Manafort in Ukraine, giving him at least one loan for $ 10 million.

Mikhail Lesin was recognized dead by an accident during a binge


The FBI published a report on the causes of Mikhail Lesin's death.

FBI follows the trail of banker Kostin


What mistake did Andrei Kostin make by consolidating the business of the former USSR in the London office of VTB Capital.