Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation


IDS Group's business in Yamal sank


VTB and the Federal Tax Service are taking billions of rubles from the oilfield services holding.

Mishustin introduced new technologies to the Federal Tax Service through dubious schemes


Mikhail Mishustin is praised for the incredibly successful increase in tax collection, however, they are now less collected in dollar terms than in 2012.

Victor Vekselberg plant owes billions to banks and the Federal Tax Service


The Federal Tax Service announced a debt of half a billion rubles. Unicredit and Rosbank were asked to wait until 2023.

Benjamin Grabar did not hide in the shadow of "Ladoga"


The Sun confirmed the prosecution of the unofficial owner of a large company.

FSB presses Valery Izralyt


The service withdrew the businessman’s declaration to prove his guilt.

Internet-shop "Player.ru" resumes trading


The check in "Player.ru", conducted by tax specialists with the support of the FSB, so far only temporarily paralyzed the activity of the online store.

The operator of the yacht club "New Harbor" "RB Marine Group" did not escape bankruptcy


The operator of the yacht club "New Harbor" did not escape bankruptcy.

Putin instructed to test a new tax on Russians


The Federal Tax Service will begin an experiment on taxation of self-employed citizens of the Russian Federation in four regions of the country. In the future, the government plans to annually collect from them up to 500 billion rubles of taxes. Which can be sent to help the oligarchs, to finance wars and hold mundials.