Kantor's zugzwang


Akron Chemical Group is in a difficult and interesting position: no matter what development strategy the company chooses, financial losses and business problems are looming. 

The main shareholder of FosAgro to lose control of the company


The family of General Director of FosAgro Andrey Guriev, which owns 50.28% of the company, will reduce its share by offering 5% on stock exchanges in London and Moscow. The shares will be bought by a consortium of international investors led by the Russian Direct Investment Fund, including six of sovereign wealth funds from Asia and the Middle East.

Denis Manturov will become a wine lord


The wife of the head of Industry and Trade, Natalia Manturova, looks after the vineyards in the Kuban region, and her husband will help her "as much as he can."

Son is responsible for the father: how the heir of the owner of Fosagro manages his company


He studied in England but lived in a dormitory, and flew by discounter EasyJet. He got a job at his father's company at once, but at an ordinary position. That's how the owner of Fosagro brought up the future director of the company, his son.

Fertilizers of discord: the essence of the legal proceedings around "Apatit" in London


The case of "Apatit", which triggered the destruction of Yukos, has long been forgotten. What now worries the business owner Andrey Guriev?

Solution to the riddle of the Witanhurst mansion


Khodorkovsky's former partner Andrey Guriev bought the most expensive house in London.