FSB of the Russian Federation


FSB informer Badri Shengelia was shot in the Leningrad region


The forerunner, who testified against General Mikhail Maksimenko of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and the head of the Tambov OPG Vladimir Kumarin, was shot on the move in his car. The killers were traveling by car with Finnish numbers. Why the FSB informant did not have departmental protection is not known.

FSB prepares for cyber threats


In the structure of the special service a center with very broad powers has been created.

Interpol will look for a accomplice of werewolves from the FSB of Russia


Sergei Zozulya is on the international wanted list. He was part of a gang of former and current FSB officers in the Tyumen region, who had been killing and robbing nuggets for 8 years.

Telegram admitted in cooperation with the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation


The messenger of Pavel Durov used to give out data of users at the request of the Prosecutor General's Office and the Investigative Committee, and now the FSB of the Russian Federation will also disclose the data of terror suspects.

Denis Nikandrov laid Alexander Draymanov not in vain


The former Major-General of Justice, who gave testimony to his ex-boss, escaped the confiscation of property and was given the right to a UDO.

Spies released the creator of "Humpty Dumpty"


Vladimir Anikeev (Lewis), who intends to write a book on the activities of the hacker group, is invited to a preventive conversation in the FSB.

In Moscow arrested two officers of the " M " FSB


For the pogrom in the Moscow branch of the Investigative Committee will answer Major Sergey Nikityuk and captain Konstantin Strukov, famous for "sweeping" the former deputy head of the FSIN of Russia Oleg Korshunov. Chekists from the management of the "M" FSB RF two years ago allegedly lit up on extortion from the owner of a small market in Moscow.

In Komi criminal proceedings have been instituted against regional power engineers


Under the investigation was former deputy director of Komienergo Dmitry Vylegzhanin, accused of kickbacks of 13 million rubles.

Security forces detained the head of the NGO Lavochkin


After accusations of fraud and abuse of authority on Wednesday, the director general of the NGO. Lavochkin Sergey Lemeshevsky and lawyer Ekaterina Averyanova.

The main Tomsk rescuer was suspected of corruption


The head of the Tomsk Ministry of Emergency Situations, ranked Major General, the Chekists were arrested for a bribe at a ridiculous amount of several hundred thousand rubles.

Internet-shop "Player.ru" resumes trading


The check in "Player.ru", conducted by tax specialists with the support of the FSB, so far only temporarily paralyzed the activity of the online store.

Familiar Antonina Zimina shocked by her arrest on suspicion of treason


Friends Antonina Zimina shocked her arrest on suspicion of the state treason.

For Ruslan Gattarov may come FSB because of the history of TLC "Yuzhnouralsky"


Detained FSB associates of the vice-governor of the Chelyabinsk region Ruslan Gattarov summed up the waste at the Russian-Kazakh forum.

Internet-shop "Player.ru" suspended work due to searches of the FSB


The Internet shop suspended work against the background of searches.

Usmanov's partner can buy speech recognition technology


The manufacturer of IT-systems for the implementation of the law Yarovoy wants to buy the Center for Speech Technology.

The FSB found a 74-year-old spy in TSNIIMash


Lefortovo Court of Moscow took into custody Viktor Kudryavtsev, whom the Chekists accused of issuing secrets of the hypersonic miracle weapon "one of the NATO countries."

The FSB found a nest of Russian traitors in Roskosmos


The searches were held at the Central Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering (TsNIIMash), as well as at the office of the Director of the Research and Analysis Center of the United Space Missile Corporation (ORKK), Dmitry Payson.

Arrested in the US Maria Butina was associated with one of the participants of the Forbes list


A girl arrested in the US on charges of illegally lobbying Russian interests is associated with one of the participants in the Forbes list. Under the description given by the American government, eleven Russian businessmen from Forbes list get.

The retired general and officers of the FSB received terms for fraud


The Russian Themis once again proved its selectivity in relation to the status accused. The General-Major of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and three werewolves from the FSB escaped the deadline from 7 to 10 years in prison.

The FSB will prohibit the transport of fish on foreign vessels


Fishermen have few Russian vessels, and so the industry will have to invest up to 12 billion rubles a year in order to satisfy the requirements of the FSB. Pay for all end consumers, for which the price of fish will grow, at least, by 20%.

Ex-chief of the SSD of the TFR arrested on the testimony of General Nikandrov


The former head of the Investigative Committee for Moscow did not have a month to obtain a lawyer status, which would protect him from the upright testimony of ex-subordinates.

The prosecution requested from 7 to 10 years of imprisonment for Moscow law enforcers


The prosecution requested for the Major-General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and his three accomplices-werewolves from the FSB from 7 to 10 years in prison.

Former top manager of Gazprom's subsidiary was sent to SIZO


The former top manager of Gazprom's subsidiary Igor Mukan was sent to the pretrial detention center.

The FSB gave the director of the Hermitage recommendations on the prevention of theft in the execution of contracts


The special service recommended the director of the museum to better check the contracts of the institution with commercial structures. No claims to Piotrovsky, in whose patrimony thrive the theft of budget funds, the Chekists were not found.

The FSB was tailing the suspect in the espionage Karina Tsurkan three years


Accused of spying for Romania, the top manager of Inter RAO was in the development of Russian peenertons for three years. Her arrest in June is attributed to the preparations for a raid on her patron, Boris Kovalchuk.

Defendant in the case of the murder of a retired FSB Lieutenant Colonel arrested in absentia


In absentia arrested lawyer Vladimir Sveta, whom the investigating authorities consider the client to be the murder of Lieutenant Colonel Konstantin Vasilyev in Stary Oskol in March 2018.

Deputy head of the customs risk control Department of the FCS Georgy Balakin is under house arrest


The deputy head of the customs fraud control department of the Federal Customs Service Georgy Balakin was "handed over" by accomplices from the Far Eastern customs, which the FSB and the Russian Federation have been foiling for several months.

The Moscow court sent in custody suspected of spying Karina Turcan


Top-manager of the state-owned company Inter RAO is suspected of espionage.