Putin was landed on the "Moon Glade"


The personal resort cost Russia about 50 billion.

Kovalchuk put in a good word for Karina Tsurcan


The head of Inter RAO Boris Kovalchuk spoke in favor of his ex-subordinate.

Patrushev went to sea scouts


Andrey Patrushev, son of Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev and brother of Agriculture Minister Dmitry Patrushev, became the largest co-owner of the Marine Arctic Exploration Expedition company.

FSB, Rostec and other troubles of Russian business


The Center for Business against Corruption analyzes the problems of businessmen with specific examples.

Former administration officer Vladimir Putin sat down for fraud


The official who revealed corruption in the FSB received 4.5 years.

Russian special services earn on illegal alcohol


From the rearrangement of heads of PAP schemes do not change.

Moscow hackers revealed the secrets of the contractor of the FSB


Hackers broke into the server of a Moscow IT company, which the BBC Russian Service calls a "secret FSB contractor".

Businessman Sergey Degtyarev exploded on defense contract


A criminal case of fraud during the construction of a new defense plant.

FSB General has buried $ 5 million in his section


The case of the abduction of the FSB general has been completed.

Billions of Alexander Zabarsky are looking for in Liechtenstein


FSB and Rosfinmonitoring included in the scheme Zabarsky. Funds under multi-billion state contracts of Tyumenstalmost could flow abroad.

David Yakobashvili fears returning to Russia


The businessman refuses to return to Russia after a search in his museum, now he is in France.

Valerian Mazaraki is building a palace in Barvikha for 2.5 billion next to the generals of the FSB


What is owned by relatives of Valerian Mazaraki - the person involved in the investigations of journalist Ivan Golunov.

The family of the security officer Marat Medoev was deeply entrenched in Europe


European real estate and business relatives of Chekist Medoev, who is mentioned in a story with provocation against journalist Ivan Golunov

FSB requires Arkady Volozh to hand over passwords and turnout


The FSB has requested the Yandex.Mail and Yandex.Disk encryption keys, but the company refuses to send them: the keys can give access to passwords for users of the entire Yandex ecosystem. For a similar failure, Telegram was previously blocked.

Alexey Hotin told how the FSB paid for the protection


The indictment against the head of the banking department of the FSB, Kirill Cherkalin, was given by the former owner of Ugra, Alexey Khotin, who said that he had paid the officer for patronage for several years.

FSB Deputy Director stared at the incomes of Marina Medvedeva


The first deputy director of the FSB, Sergey Smirnov, earned 84.7 million rubles in 2018. This is a record among all the leaders of the special services. Only the wife of the head of the FSO, who is on the board of Sibur, earned more - 89.2 million.

Alexey Khotin will live at home - with his wife and children.


The former owner of “Ugra”, Aleksey Khotin, was accepted not in a cell, but in a fashionable residential complex.

Relations with the Night Hockey League did not save Alexey Hotin from the FSB


What did the detained banker make money on and what did the Central Bank not like with "Ugra"?

The damage from the fraud of Mikhail Abyzov FSB estimated at 2 billion rubles


The FSB operatives did not reveal the withdrawal of income from payments of the population for energy resources by ex-minister Mikhail Abyzov, one of the defendants told the court.

Hasan Tumgoev took up the "Star"


The richest businessman of Ingushetia, accused of a scam with money allocated for the reconstruction of the institute, is checked for involvement in another crime.

Sergey Kudinov headed the FSO


The head of the operational management became a native of the CSS of the FSB.

By Andrei Filonov discovered a family business


The “father-in-law” of the mayor of Evpatoria made money for milk, and the “mother-in-law” claimed the mansion of a Ukrainian bank.

How did Mikhail Abyzov get from ketchup supplies to the minister’s chair


On March 26 in Moscow, the FSB detained ex-minister Mikhail Abyzov. He is suspected of embezzling 4 billion rubles. What is known about the businessman and the ex-official.

London court banned Avetisyan's company to continue to sue in Russia


She wants Baring Vostok to exercise a call option for 10% of Vostochny Bank shares.

Sergey Belousov spawn before the FSB and the tax


Than for the chain of shops "Red Caviar" will end the visit of security forces.

From the case of Mikhail Maksimenko roll out Wrangler


British justice questioned the Russian bribe in the form of a jeep.

Sergey Mikhailov and Ruslan Stoyanov sold state secret for 36 years


Former FSB officer Sergei Mikhailov and a former employee of Kaspersky Lab Ruslan Stoyanov got a long time in the case of high treason. The court found them guilty of disclosing operational information to US intelligence services.

The Office of Alexander Bastrykin underestimated the shares of the Calvi case


The initial investor paid 4.4 million dollars for the IFTG shares that caused the arrest of Michael Calvey. The investigation estimated them at 600 thousand rubles. One of the methods gives such a figure, but startups do not appreciate it, experts say.