GAZ Group


Volkswagen left Deripaska


GAZ will lose a partner in Volkswagen.

Deripaska will leave GAZ in Volkswagen


Oleg Deripaska's farewell to the GAZ group is coming to an end.

GAZ must part with Deripaska to work in the USA


The US Treasury demanded that the GAZ group provide it with reports once a quarter, as well as remove Oleg Deripaska from making decisions. If these conditions are met, the group will be able to continue working with suppliers and contractors.

GAZ rolled off Oleg Deripaska


Ural and a number of other assets of the group were bought by Dmitry Strezhnev.

Oleg Deripaska blames Western media for sanctions


Why is Oleg Deripaska suing the three largest English-language publications?

Valery Hartung will disassemble the "Victory" for parts


The GAZ Group may revoke the right to a trademark.

The US Treasury gave Oleg Deripaska a fourth reprieve


This was a tactical victory for the hired oligarchs in the US lobbyists. Until January 2019, Washington allowed to cooperate with the toxic Rusal.

GAZ Group is trying to get rid of US sanctions


But for her, getting into the sanctions list, unlike other Deripaska company - UC Rusal is far from being so dramatic.

Oleg Deripaska's companies asked Washington for a postponement


Those who fall under American sanctions UC Rusal and En + plan to submit to the US Treasury by mid-summer a plan that will give the agency grounds to lift restrictions against companies.

The USA has weakened the hammer on Oleg Deripaska's neck


The US Treasury gave US investors in En +, Rusal and the GAZ Group a delay until August.

How the business of GAZ developed under Oleg Deripaska


Billionaire Oleg Deripaska may cease to be the main beneficiary not only of EN +, but also of the GAZ Group. It was such a version of the company's exit from US sanctions that the US authorities proposed the day before.

Oleg Deripaska is removed from the steering wheel of the GAZ Group


The US can withdraw from the businessman sanctions if he refuses control in the GAZ group.

Oleg Deripaska found a lobbyist in Washington


The CNN television channel named En + Oleg Deripaska as lobbyist for the US the company of ex-assistant Donald Trump Brian Lanz.

The US Finance Ministry has extended the sale of assets of Rusal, En + and GAZ for a month


The US authorities extended for a month the period of sale of assets of companies that fell under the sanctions on April 6, 2018: En +, GAZ and UC Rusal. Investors should get rid of them before June 6. Earlier, the Ministry of Finance demanded that it be done before May 7.

Alexei Mordashov and Oleg Deripaska kicked out of the government budgetary support


"Power Machines" and the GAZ Group will support public procurement.

The last US sanctions attack on Russia became the most sensitive


So far, the sanctions have not affected the business of Russian public companies.

Business assets of Oleg Deripaska became toxic to investors


Ingosstrakh sold its stake in the GAZ group that fell under the sanctions.

Three companies of the GAZ Group are sanctioned by Ukraine


In 2016, the products of one of its plants, PAZ, became the leader of the Ukrainian market.

The first to be helped: Oleg Deripaska claims state support


As it became known to Forbes, GAZ Group may receive state guarantees for 25 billion rubles.