General Prosecutor's Office


The court declined the request of Jugra Bank


It refused to involve the Prosecutor General's Office in the suit of Jugra Bank against the Central Bank and consider the bank's rescue plan.

Jugra Bank sues the Russian Central Bank


The credit organization accuses the Central Bank of unlawful actions.

Spiders' fight in Jugra Bank


Has the system of state deposit insurance in Russian banks ceased to exist?

"The Arctic" is adrift


The Federal Security Service and the Prosecutor General's Office will investigate the situation around Russia's atomic icebreaker.

Why Rosneft and Sistema can't reconcile


"Sistema" asks the Prosecutor General to verify the legality of the actions of the bailiff, who has forbidden the company to receive income on the arrested shares, and Igor Sechin expects from Sistema specific proposals on the settlement agreement.

Leonid Melamed is almost innocent


Former top managers of Rosnano Melamed and Ponurov were released from custody.

Igor Chaika's company will receive 75% of the largest producer of railway sleepers in Russia


The son of the Attorney General carved up the budgets of Russian Railways.

Georgy Bedzhamov is double requested


Monaco refused to extradite him, and now it is up to the UK to decide. 

Yuri Chaika's department bred traitors


"Raised" and suspected of corruption, former Attorney of Leningrad Oblast, Stanislav Ivanov, decided to return to the service by court decision. It seems that Yuri Chaika is losing control of their wards, which could lead to his own resignation. 

Russia's border was moved to fit in General Kozik's dacha


The FSB and the Prosecutor's Office moved the state border to 4 kilometers.

Investigators and prosecutors cannot find places for themselves


Prosecutor General's Office and the Investigative Committee need 27 billion rubles to provide housing for their officers.

Russian Post wouldn't give up


The company showed its papers to the security officers. 

Modernization and label pasting


The FAS has found supplies of foreign electronics under the guise of Russian.

Alexey Skachkov spoke about his mafia protection in the Investigative Committee


The former head of the Capital Construction Department of Investigative Committee of Russia made a deal with the investigation and gave detailed testimony about all the other persons involved in the theft of funds allocated for the repair of the Committee's buildings.

Prosecutor General's son Igor Chaika will export Russian alcohol to China


The most popular drinks in the Asian country are beer and vodka.

Owner of Miel Grigory Kulikov released on bail in Latvia


The decision on his extradition to Russia hasn't been made. 

The US earned on Russian corruption


The Russian division of Hewlett-Packard, a world leader in software development, was found guilty of bribing officials of the Russian Government with a view to concluding a major contract for the supply of equipment for the needs of the General Prosecutor's Office and fined 58.8 million dollars.