GK "Renova"


Victor Vekselberg and Leonard Blavatnik won 2 billion dollars from the former senator


The New York court rejected the ex-Senator Leonid Lebedev’s lawsuit against billionaires Viktor Vekselberg and Leonard Blavatnik.

Viktor Vekselberg flies from the old Rostov airport


“Airports of the Regions” propose to take the first step towards the liquidation of OJSC Rostov-on-Don Airport

Viktor Vekselberg fell into total crisis


Russian billionaire Viktor Vekselberg gave the first big interview after falling under US sanctions. He told why it became for him a “total life crisis”, why he attended Trump's inauguration and why he could no longer be a “man of the world.”

Viktor Vekselberg cheated with "T plus"


Renova did not agree with the assessment of its energy company.

Viktor Vekselberg poured capital into Renova


The increase in charter capital by a million times may be due to relocation to the Russian jurisdiction or tax optimization, experts say.

Vekselberg is no longer waited at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology


He was expelled from the MIT Board of Trustees. This happened shortly after the billionaire came under US sanctions.

Deripaska, Melnichenko, Vekselberg: the most impoverished Russian billionaires of the year


Sanctions and falling ruble are not the first year because of these factors the Russian Forbes list members are getting poorer.

Dmitry Medvedev promised to boycott the Davos forum


Officials and businessmen will ignore the forum if the organizers refuse to invite Deripaska, Vekselberg and Kostin.

Deripaska, Vekselberg and Kostin will not be able to participate in the Davos forum


According to FT, according to FT, they demand not to invite fallen under sanctions of the Russians.

Viktor Vekselberg will complain about the US


The Russian oligarch called the restrictions imposed by the US authorities "illegal and unfair."

The richest people of Russia in the Forbes global ranking 2017


List of most wealthy Russians for the second consecutive year is headed by the co-owner of "Novatek" and "Sibur" Leonid Michelson.

How the daughters of a FSB general do business


The family of the FSB "caretaker", with the help of intelligence and businessmen from the Forbes list, invests in fashion, development and hunting.

Alisher Usmanov first entered the list of the richest people in Switzerland


Billionaire Alisher Usmanov, who had lost the tax resident status in Russia, joined the ranks of 300 richest people in Switzerland for the first time, according to Swiss magazine Bilan.

Hello, America


How Mikhail Prokhorov became an American billionaire.

They came for Vekselberg: why there were searches in Renova and T Plus


As part of a bribery case in Komi, the Investigative Committee detained two top managers of Viktor Vekselberg's companies: Managing Director of Renova, Yevgeny Olkhovik, and general director of T Plus, Boris Vainzikher. The third person involved is the former head of the T Plus and CEO of VimpelCom. Mikhail Slobodin, who said he was leaving VimpelCom at midnight. 

Vekselberg will cheaply buy up Prokhorov's "financial club"


"The bank of oligarchs" has actually lost one oligarch.

Vekselberg didn't fit well into Switzerland


Russian billionaire scared the Swiss by firing three people.

Yanukovych makes himself at home in St. Petersburg


Alexander Yanukovych, son of the former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, intends to develop his business in St. Petersburg.