Government of Moscow

The Government of Moscow is the highest executive body of state authority of Moscow. The Government of Moscow is headed by the highest official of the city of Moscow, i.e. the Mayor of Moscow.

The members of the Government of Moscow are the Mayor of Moscow, the Deputy Mayors of Moscow in the Moscow Government and the Moscow Government ministers. The Government of Moscow issues orders (orders of the Government of Moscow) that are signed by the Mayor of Moscow. The Government of Moscow has legal personality. Structure and functioning of the Government of Moscow are established by the law of Moscow, adopted by Moscow City Duma.

According to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, Moscow is an independent subject of the Russian Federation, the so-called city of federal importance.

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One day in Moscow feeds for the whole year


Scandalous businessman Year Nisan goes beyond all legal limits. 

Why Moscow sinks: how reconstruction of streets clogged drains


As RBC found out, the streets of Moscow, which were the most affected by a flooding during a rainstorm on July 22, had undergone a storm drain overhaul in 2015. However, during the implementation of "My Street" program, the storm drain was clogged by construction debris.

Arkady Volozh's son gets rid of real estate development business


After Lev Volozh sold a controlling stake in California company, it had been sued by the government of Moscow to recover 2 million rubles of debt.

Moscow earns nothing on paid parking


Over the three years the capital authorities collected 5.8 bln rubles from car owners, while the project cost more than 16 billion rubles.

RBC investigation: who earns on the construction of the Moscow metro


The budget of 1 trillion rubles and the construction of 78 new stations before 2020: this is the development plan for the Moscow metro. RBC investigates, who earns in the construction of the subway in Moscow.

Rucompromat review, 16-23 October: tea drinking, cups smashing


Skolkovo Foundation has decided to sue residents for cookies, a group of good and loyal companions earns billions on reconstruction of roads in the capital, and in the Moscow region a businessman shot an official right at his workplace.

RBC investigation: who earns on the reconstruction of Moscow


Moscow authorities have spent on the repair of streets more than 20 billion rubles in 2015, and will invest more than 105 billion rubles in the next three years. RBC found out, who and how had carved up that budget.

The Moscow metro will remain without advertising


Pre-term breach of contracts with Moscow is becoming the norm on the advertising market. As it became known to RBC, the Moscow Metro is willing to break with its advertising partner, Auto Sell.

RBC investigation: who earns on paid parking in Moscow


On December 25, a new area of ​​paid parking started to be functional in the Russian capital throughout the territory within the Third Ring Road.

State order for Artemy Lebedev


The infamous blogger and designer earns tens of millions on projects financed by the city budget.

Who and what makes money on provision of urban amenities in Moscow


Over the last three years the Moscow government has spent no less than 17 billion rubles on the improvement of green spaces and recreational facilities.

Profitable dump: billionaires and state-owned companies joined the struggle for the wastes market


Waste treatment is a high-tech market. Otherwise, why would Rostec need it?