Government of the Crimea


Real estate in the Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory does not attract Russians


The agiotage in the real estate market of the Russian Black Sea region has remained in the past, and some tourists preferred Turkey and Egypt.

The authorities of the Crimea asked for 125 billion rubles for road repairs


The authorities of the peninsula are asking the federal center to allocate 125 billion rubles more for the road industry until 2024. This amount is comparable to the already approved expenditures (149 billion rubles) on the federal highway "Tavrida".

The accident at the energy bridge Kuban-Crimea again de-energized the peninsula


The accident on Taman de-energized for a few hours the peninsula. Own electricity generation in Crimea is not enough even for 10-15% of the region's needs.

Simferopol and Kiev argued about the causes of the Crimean drought


In the northern regions of the Crimea, a state of emergency was introduced in connection with the drought. Ukrainian activists gloated about Kiev's North Crimean channel, the Crimean officials persistently refuse to recognize the importance of this channel for agriculture in the steppe part of the peninsula.

How in just two years the Crimean bridge was built


Movement of cars on it will begin early in the morning on May, 16th.

The Crimea is ours, but the gas is yours


Russia will stop the development of the main offshore gas field in the Crimea because of the trial with Ukraine.

Crimea lost to Antalya


Simferopol Airport began to lose passengers in favor of Turkey.

Russia will keep the Siemens turbines


New power stations in the Crimea should start operating in a year, so there's no chance to find a replacement.

Siemens spit on sanctions against Russia


Siemens gas turbines were supplied to the Crimea despite the sanctions.

Expensive guests: how much is spent on the official residences in Russia


How much costs the life of a Russian high-ranking official.

The Crimea adopts mandatory buyout of two Akhmetov's enterprises


Temporary administration appointed at the Kerch railroad switch plant and Metallurgical plant. 

Kings of the state order - 2017: Forbes rating


The multi-billion government contracts are obtained by mysterious contractors without tenders. 

The debt of the Russian regions has stabilized — due to the budget credits


But their decline will force the governors to return to commercial loans.

Sergey Matvienko gave Sevastopol Airport to Simferopol


Acting head of Sevastopol, Dmitry Ovsyannikov, started a useless demarche against the Simferopol airport, which fell into the hands of the son of Valentina Matvienko, Sergey.

Facade Federation


How and why we need permanent missions in the Russian regions: the investigation.

Accrued interest for the Crimea


The inhabitants of the peninsula will have to pay for the Ukrainian credits.

Crimea under the bucket: the peninsula will be cleaned from 30.000 unauthorized construction objects


The Crimean authorities prepare for large-scale demolition of unauthorized buildings. As RBC found out, about 6 thousand of them will be destroyed this fall, that will cost about 1.3 billion rubles. In total, there are about 30 thousand unauthorized objects on the peninsula. 

Who's in charge of the Crimea today


Five "lobbyist ministers."

Neither Ukraine nor Russia got the Crimean gold


Former Deputy Prime Minister of the republic became a defendant in the case on the loss of 300 kg of jewelry.