High Court of London


Natalia Rotenberg's legs will not be in the English mansion


The mansion for $ 36 million was bought through an offshore company associated with Arkady Rotenberg. Lawyers argue that the house did not belong to him, so he should not participate in the division of property.

Motylev got hooked by the English court


A bankruptcy case was filed against Anatoly Motylev in London.

The son of billionaire Akhmedov chose dad


The British court revealed the essence of the claims of ex-wife Farhad Akhmedov Tatyana to their common son Temur. According to his mother, he helped his father hide assets so that he could not pay her 453 million pounds.

Court in London left the mansions of Nazarbayev’s daughter and grandson


The court first sided with wealthy foreigners whose property was seized under the "dirty money" law; investigators did not prove the dubious origin of their capital.

Promsvyazbank's VIP depositors sent to Cyprus


The judge considered that it was better for them to seek compensation from the bank and Dmitry Ananyev in Russia and Cyprus, and not in London.

Mint's assets tightly sealed by British court


Igor Mints was not able to unlock his property. Otkrytie and Trust consider Boris Mints and his sons to be scammers and demand more than $ 700 million from them.

Fish billionaire Vitaly Orlov may lose a third of its assets


The billionaire may lose a significant part of his fishing empire due to a protracted conflict with the company's co-founder, former business partner Alexander Tugushev.

Former Sugar King Valery Korotkov was selling a nonexistent Gram


A lawsuit against $ 159 million was filed against a businessman in a London court.

Boris Mints lost $ 1 billion due to Zadornov’s hostility


Boris Mintz said in the High Court of London about the damage due to the actions of the top management of the Discovery and the Trust, as well as their shareholder, the Central Bank.

It is difficult for a runaway banker Bejamov to live on £ 80,000 a month


Ex-co-owner of Vneshprombank Georgy Bedzhamov, declared by Russia on an international wanted list, with an English court seizing assets by $ 1.7 billion, asked the High Court of London to increase his salary from 80 to 310 thousand pounds a month.

How Russian businesses use the UK for money laundering


Transparency International has released a report on how the UK is used for money laundering and reputation, the document contains examples related to Russia.

Vitaly Orlov is still unable to unfreeze assets


The owner of the Norebo group, Vitaly Orlov, is about fishing and business.

The Boris Mints family was not happy with the Discovery


Trust and Otkritie banks accuse the businessman and his sons of replacing and withdrawing assets.

Uralkali chases Formula 1 in the court of London


In London, the process began on the claim of the Russian company against the bankruptcy trustees of Force India.

Boris Mintz complains of poverty to the London court


Participant in the Forbes list, Boris Mintz, told the High Court in London that he needed over £ 10,000 a week for his daily expenses (he is entitled to spend that amount by decision of a British court). The businessman believes that pressure is exerted on him and his family.

Dmitry Mazurov's assets frozen under the decision of the London court


The largest independent refiner, Antipinsky Oil Refinery, is facing bankruptcy.

Georgy Bedzhamov’s hand reached out to Mikhail Fridman’s hand.


DIA and Alfa Group are pursuing Vneshprombank co-owner George Bedzhamov.

Between Andrei Rogachev and Mikhail Goryainov ran "Breeze"


As two business partners did not share the counter.

The court in London trigorno offended Oleg Deripaska


The businessman considers the proof in the case of the Trekhgorny manufactory, presented by his opponent, the former head of VEB Vladimir Chernukhin, to be a fake, and will appeal the court’s decision.

Shadow of Berezovsky: why Abramovich became a threat to public security in Switzerland


The unseemly side of the big Russian business is well known and often recorded in court documents around the world. This is an additional risk factor for participants in high-profile processes of the nineties and naught, especially when Russian citizenship is becoming increasingly toxic.

The British court prescribed the rules of the game for shareholders of Norilsk Nickel


The London court forbade Vladimir Potanin to increase the package without Oleg Deripaska.

Roman Abramovich and Alexander Abramov sank Vladimir Potanin in the High Court of London


The British court said why in a dispute between the shareholders of MMC Norilsk Nickel, he ruled in favor of Oleg Deripaska. An important factor was the strange refusal of Abramovich and Abramov to give testimony in favor of Potanin, whom they wanted to sell shares of MMC.

From Ukraine, money was ordered not to wait


The Court of Appeal of England and Wales partly agreed with Kiev's arguments about the non-economic nature of the Russian loan in December 2013.

The High Court of London again freed the assets of the Ananiev brothers in the UK


The creditors of the brothers-bankers have already twice frozen their assets in the UK this summer.

Andrey Kostin will take a ride on the London roller coaster


VTB does not manage to proceed with the purchase of Vozrozhdenie Bank. The High Court of London again arrested the bank's shares on the suit of the creditors of its owners, the Ananiev brothers.

London gave VTB good to buy the Bank Vozrozhdeniye


The assets of the Ananiev brothers in the UK are taken out of custody.

The High Court of London defended Boris Mintz from Mikhail Zadornov


However, the head of the bank "Otkrytie" can not withdraw his claims to the fugitive oligarch structures in Russian courts. This decision was taken by the Moscow Arbitration Court. If the "Discovery" does not stop pursuing Mintz, the state bank faces sanctions in the UK.

The High Court of London has forbidden VTB to buy the bank "Revival"


The Russian deal broke down due to the arrest of the share of the Ananiev brothers in Bank Vozrozhdenie.