Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation


Sergei Makhlai did not bring bribe to the Supreme Court


According to the investigation, the banker and the owner of Togliattiazot were going to bribe justice.

Alexey Ananyev generously donated retirement to officials


The TFR has opened a criminal case against the former owner of Promsvyazbank, Alexei Ananyev. He is suspected of giving bribes to officials of the Russian Pension Fund in the amount of 210 million rubles.

Mikhail Abyzov will get into 400 volumes of his case


The Investigative Committee finished the case of the ex-minister of the "open government".

"Crab King" Oleg Kan fled from Russia


After the resumption of criminal prosecution, the businessman left the country.

FSB billionaire Kirill Cherkalin surrendered his patrons


Behind the arrested colonel from the K Office was Valery Miroshnikov, deputy head of the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA), who developed gray schemes for the collapse of banks.

Baring Vostok is a difficult case


The controversial stake was worth $ 4.4 million.

Banker Mikhail Tabunov was taken without cash


After 15 searches, the Investigative Committee of Russia goes to the arrest of the banker Mikhail Tabunov.

Oleg Deripaska tried to heat the PFR


One of the largest Russian NPF Socium, previously associated with Oleg Deripaska’s structures, was again at the center of the scandal.

Bank owner Ugra accused of theft


SKR opened a new case against the former owner of the bank "Ugra" Alexei Khotin, charging him embezzlement for a total of 290 billion rubles. Lawyers call the record amount - it exceeds the total amount of loans issued by Ugra.

Pensions have diverged to private funds


The Investigative Committee believes that this was a fraud.

Former administration officer Vladimir Putin sat down for fraud


The official who revealed corruption in the FSB received 4.5 years.

Military officials stumbled on weapons program


Heads of the 46th Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense were accused of fraud as part of an organized criminal group. According to investigators, when performing research, they entered into fictitious contracts with contractors and employees.

Investigative Committee found a werewolf colonel in the presidential administration


Colonel of the FSB Mikhail Gorbatov at work defended the constitutional rights of citizens, and in his spare time he "nightmare" businessmen.

What will be the consequences of the accident of the Russian "Union-FG"


For the first time since 1983, an accident occurred during the launch of a manned domestic spacecraft.

FSB informer Badri Shengelia was shot in the Leningrad region


The forerunner, who testified against General Mikhail Maksimenko of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and the head of the Tambov OPG Vladimir Kumarin, was shot on the move in his car. The killers were traveling by car with Finnish numbers. Why the FSB informant did not have departmental protection is not known.

Interpol will look for a accomplice of werewolves from the FSB of Russia


Sergei Zozulya is on the international wanted list. He was part of a gang of former and current FSB officers in the Tyumen region, who had been killing and robbing nuggets for 8 years.

Eduard Chesnov filed a basic bank of Roskosmos for 7.5 billion rubles


A former member of the Board of Directors of the Fundservicebank was arrested in absentia and put on the wanted list. Delayed for several years: the former head and co-owner of the bank, Alexander Volovnik, has been sitting under arrest for a year and a half.

Alexander Bastrykin does not have a pension


The head of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, who has reached the age of 65, may be extended for another 5 years.

Telegram admitted in cooperation with the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation


The messenger of Pavel Durov used to give out data of users at the request of the Prosecutor General's Office and the Investigative Committee, and now the FSB of the Russian Federation will also disclose the data of terror suspects.

General Denis Nikandrov received 5.5 years in prison


The former deputy head of the GSS of the Moscow Kremlin was also deprived of the title for helping the criminal authority named Italian. Nikandrov managed to avoid a more severe punishment, having surrendered his immediate superior Alexander Drymanov to the investigation.

The escaped military builder Alexei Dushutin is wanted


After serving six years in jail, the former head of OAO "VSUM" was released last year under house arrest, after which he quickly escaped from the country. The investigators intend to find him through Interpol in Canada, where he is hiding.

Investigative Committee took for the gills glamorous Ksenia Sokolov


Investigators are investigating a criminal case on the excess of mid-term duty in the fund "Just Aid to Dr. Lisa." This may end with the planting of the head of the fund Xenia Sokolova.

In Novosibirsk, the astronomer came to grips with the werewolves of Sergei Bastrykin


Arrested in February 2018, the director of the Novosibirsk Planetarium, Sergei Maslikov, was relieved of the charge of receiving a bribe before exceeding official authority. In defense of the astrologer, the public, academia and even astronauts spoke.

The FSO General was accused of assisting the "construction OPG"


According to the investigation, the general was protecting a criminal group that stole 1.5 billion rubles at the Ogarevo-53 facility, the residence of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In Moscow arrested two officers of the " M " FSB


For the pogrom in the Moscow branch of the Investigative Committee will answer Major Sergey Nikityuk and captain Konstantin Strukov, famous for "sweeping" the former deputy head of the FSIN of Russia Oleg Korshunov. Chekists from the management of the "M" FSB RF two years ago allegedly lit up on extortion from the owner of a small market in Moscow.

Former director of a construction firm is accused of stealing 800 million rubles from co-investors


The former director of the construction company Glavnovosibirskstroy-2 is accused of stealing 800 million rubles from co-investors in Novosibirsk. It remains questionable whether the businessman will go to court, for his partner Eugene Saloha has already fled to Canada.

Investigation of the case of the death of 60 people in a fire in the "Winter Cherry" is completed


No complaints about the real owner of the burned down shopping complex, where 64 people were killed in March 2018, did not arise to the Russian oligarch Denis Stengelov from Russian law enforcement agencies. For the time being, small fry will go to court.

Colonel General Sergei Shlyakov was not allowed home arrest


Three times awarded by the presidents of the Russian Federation, the former deputy head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia was put on suspicion of fraud in the pretrial detention center until September 25.