Jasper Venture Group

Jasper Venture Group . Американская компания. Основана 2013 году. Компания была основана бизнесменом Илио Мавляновым. Штаб-квартира располагается в Нью-Йорке (США). Род деятельности: Инвестиции в американскую недвижимость класса люкс. Компания в настоящее время не функционирует. Официальный сайт

Russian banks reached for Igor Mavlyanov's family foreign assets in the US


American justice will protect VTB's interests in debt collection from the owner of Jasper Venture Group. New York court will consider the request of the bank to impose provisional measures against Igor Mavlyanov, his family, companies and business partners in the USA.  

Yashma Zoloto does not shine and does not pay


Owners of the jewelry chain, Igor Mavlyanov and Robert Martirosyan owed 6 billion rubles.

Co-owners of "Yashma" went to Bobrov


After the initiated bankruptcy in Moscow they re-registered near Voronezh.  

Foreign assets of the family of Igor Mavlyanov


The son of the owner of Jasper-Gold chain, currently in a financial disaster, plans to invest in the US real estate.