Khrunichev Center


"Khrunichev Center" will free from the production tasks of 217 corps


As part of its "optimization", the leading space enterprise in Russia will free up to 80% of its territory in Moscow for developers. The production of Proton rockets does not even come up.

Developers from MR Group block the Khrunichev Center railway for the export of missiles


The construction of the third stage of the residential complex "Fili Grad" can block the logistics enterprise of the finished product. However, the enterprise that has suffered financial and technological catastrophe for a long time does not care.

Space cash withdrawal facilities


The new management of the Khrunichev Center is trying to figure out how the old one spent the money. 

Proton accident is attributed to negligence


The Russian Investigative Committee accused Khrunichev Center supervisor of not noticing an error when installing the angular velocity sensors.