JSC "Magnit" is a Russian grocery retailer. The largest Russian network retailer by the end of 2016 and the second largest by the results of 2017 (in terms of turnover lost to X5 Retail Group). The network was founded in 1994 by businessman Sergey Galitsky. The head office of the company is located in Krasnodar. Shareholders (2016): Sergei Galitsky (42.1%, including 37.58% directly and 4.52% through Lavreno Ltd.), Vladimir Gordeychuk (2.78%), free float 54.58% . In November 2017, the main owner of Magnit, Sergei Galitsky, sold a 7.5% stake in the company for 43.91 billion rubles. In February 2018, Sergei Galitsky sold a 29.1% stake in VTB for 138 billion rubles, retaining only 3% of the shares. In May 2018, VTB reduced its stake to 17.28% of the shares, selling 11.82% of the shares to the owner of the Marathon Group, Alexander Vinokurov.

As of December 31, 2016, the network of the company included 14,059 outlets, including: 10,521 in the "store by the house" format, 237 hypermarkets, 194 "Magnit Family" stores and 3,107 - "Magnet Cosmetic". The total number of stores on the network as of December 31, 2017 was 16,350 (12,125 "store by the house", 243 hypermarkets, 208 stores "Magnit Family" and 3,774 grocery stores "Magnet Cosmetic"). The proceeds of "Magnet" in 2016 amounted to 1.07 trillion rubles, net profit - 54.4 billion rubles. The company's revenue in 2017 amounted to 1.143 trillion rubles, net profit - 35.4 billion rubles. The company employs 275,000 employees (2017). Official site.

Son-in-law of Sergei Lavrov wanted to sneeze at his pharmacy


Pharmacies “Yes, healthy!” And “ABC Life” were overwhelmed with creditors.

Co-owner of "Magnit" wants to sell pharmaceutical plants to Sistema


Yevtushenkov Corporation continues to create a drug giant.

Sergey Galitsky overstrained the race


Billionaire told the story of "Magnit" and its sales.

The scandalous Alexander Vinokurov pushed "Magnit"


Magnit signed an agreement to purchase an unnecessary retail network of a drug distributor from its shareholder for 5.7 billion rubles.

X5 is preparing to compete with online commerce


Retailer introduced a new strategy.

"Magnet" caught the drop in incomes of Russians


The largest retailer in Russia refused to develop hypermarkets and will focus on "shops near the house."

"Magnet" builds new greenhouses for 13 billion rubles


Up to a third of tomatoes in its stores will be of its own production.

Football club "Krasnodar" Sergei Galitsky lost six major sponsors


All of them were suppliers of products for the "Magnet" network. The losses of the football club are estimated at 20 million dollars.

"Magnet" sent a deal to buy the SIA Group for revision


The company's board of directors softly objected to the acquisition of doubtful assets from Sergei Lavrov's brother-in-law Alexander Vinokurov, who became a shareholder of the retailer this year.

The founder of "Magnit" told about the rules of his business


The founder of Magnit told about the dirty floors in the shops, the competition and why he is not going to save the world, but he is ready to build a school in Krasnodar.

Retailers were not allowed to sell drugs


After leaving the government of the Russian Federation, Igor Shuvalov, a lobbyist for allowing retail chains to sell over-the-counter drugs, his successor Tatyana Golikova withdrew this project from the Cabinet's agenda. That's why the project of Sergei Chemezov and his partner Alexander Vinokurov was torpedoed.

Why Magnit trade in Drugs


The co-owner of Magnit, Alexander Vinokurov, is already trying to build a large pharmacy network in partnership with Alfa Group, whose former employee was recently. But the market is too hot. Will Vinokurov succeed in achieving significant success with the help of Sergei Galitsky's brainchild?

The minority shareholder of Magnit was against the machinations of Alexander Vinokurov


Prosperity Capital Management called the acquisition of Magnitom pharmaceutical "SIA Group" from the structures of Alexander Vinokourov a risky and unnecessary transaction.

The new plane Gulfstream cost Sergei Galitsky $ 70 million


To become the lucky owner of a long-haul aircraft Krasnodar billionaire was able two years after the order - the plane is very in demand, and even members of the Forbes list have to wait their turn.

Minority shareholders of "Magnit" are very upset because of the plans of Alexander Vinokurov and Andrei Kostin


The general director of "Magnit" Khachatur Pombuchkhan could not explain clearly why the retailer should buy shares of the pharmaceutical "SIA Group". To speak directly about the fact that the new shareholders of the network will use it to pump out finances from it, he could not by the post.

"Magnet" can buy a pharmaceutical distributor from its shareholder Marathon Group


The son-in-law of Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who bought a stake in Magnit from VTB for VTB's money, imposes a grocery network of an unnecessary pharmacy retailer.

"Magnet" plans to enter the business of drug trade


The retailer will buy a distributor of SIA Group from its shareholder, Marathon Group, the son-in-law of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. The market reacted to this by the fall of the shares of Magnit.

Alexander Vinokurov bought shares of Magnit for 60 billion rubles from VTB


VTB Group sold 11.82% of Magnit's shares to Marathon Group, the son-in-law of Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Alexander Vinokurov. As a result, VTB's share decreased to 17.28%. The amount of the transaction was at least 60 billion rubles.

"Magnet" will send more than half of the profits to dividends


Taking into account the interim dividends for 2017, the shareholders of Magnit will receive 69.5% of last year's profit of the retailer.

X5 Retail Group upset investors


The company in the first quarter reduced net profit by one third. Since the beginning of the year, its capitalization, as well as its rival, Magnit, has collapsed by 37%.

The case is closed: how the founders of Russian companies went out of business


February 16, as part of the Sochi investment forum, the founder of the Magnit chain of stores announced the sale of a 29.1% stake in VTB Group. The businessman explained his decision by saying that "investors do not quite see the future as a founder". As the founders of Russian companies went out of business - in the review of RBC.

Why did Sergei Galitsky say goodbye to "Magnet"


The founder of the trading network exchanged it for 3 billion dollars.

Sergei Galitsky sold a 29% share in Magnit to VTB


VTB will acquire a 29% stake in Magnit for 138 billion rubles and become the largest shareholder of the retailer. Sergey Galitsky will leave the company.

"Magnet" attracted billions


The retailer took a large loan to expand business in the regions.

Sergei Goncharov left the company "Magnet"


Sergey Goncharov, who was responsible for them and cosmetics stores, left the company.

The collapse of prices: should one buy cheaper shares of Magnit


Shares of Magnit continue to fall in price after a sharp collapse on Friday, October 20. Will the company of Sergey Galitsky win back the trust of investors and restore its positions?

Magnit and Norilsk Nickel entered the Forbes list of the world's most innovative companies


The companies achieved such positions due to the "innovative premium", the difference between the capitalization and the discounted cash flow from the existing business.

From Kerimov to Potanin: 10 billionaires who received the most cash in 2016


Sale of assets and dividends earned them about $12.4 billion of revenues in 2016.