Alibaba will be closer to Russian users


Alibaba Group, Megafon, Group and RFPI created AliExpress Russia. The joint venture will become the largest online retailer in Russia, outperforming the competitor from Sberbank, Yandex, VTB and the Russian Post.

Alisher Usmanov finishes transfer of assets to Russia


Among them, in particular, Metalloinvest and Megafon.

MegaFon loses its connection with London


The operator will return to the status of a private company.

Russia was not ready for the "package of laws" by Irina Yarovoy


In Russia, no equipment has been created to implement the "Yarovoi Law", which came into force on July 1 and obliged telecommunications companies to store mobile and Internet traffic for six months for special services and law enforcement agencies.

"MegaFon" and "VimpelCom" decided to freeze the brand "Euroset"


"MegaFon" and "VimpelCom" could not agree on who will own the Euroset brand and decided to simply freeze it. But others can not use it.

"MegaFon" began to invest in the "law of Yarovoi"


The company increased capital expenditures. They will then be shifted to the consumers' shoulders.

FAS has recognized the guilt of operators in the understatement of prices for SMS for state banks


FAS revealed violations of the "Big Four" mobile operators competition law - the tariff for sending SMS to state-owned banks was set lower than for the rest. Cellular companies must eliminate violations within two weeks.

Russians will pay for "law Yarovoi" with their ruble


Russian Internet providers start increasing prices since the summer. Group will have new co-owners


This is Rostek and Gazprombank.

Svyaznoy is united with Euroset


The shareholders signed an agreement on the deal. The combined network will include more than 5,000 stores.

Megafon and Yota disabled unlimited access to Telegram


Operators do not want to promote the disgraced messenger.

"Megafon" petitioned for the purchase of "Svyaznoy"


Perhaps, the deal will be followed by the merger of the retailer with Euroset.

End of communication: Megafon and VimpelCom agreed on a deal to divide Euroset


MegaFon will acquire a 50% stake in Euroset from VimpelCom and will own up to 100% of its shares. VimpelCom will buy half of the retail outlets of the chain.

Euroset may cease to exist in the next year


This will happen if MegaFon will accept the offer of VimpelCom.

The red button of Pavel Durov


On Tuesday, March 18 Group announced the acquisition of 11.99% shares of "VKontakte", officially becoming the owner of 51.99% controlling stake in the major Russian social network.