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Abramovich calls in the Moskvoretskaya floodplain


Environmental activists have filed a lawsuit against Roman Abramovich's company for the construction of a parking lot on a site that used to be part of the Moskvoretsky park. They claim that the site was removed from the protected area illegally.

Roman Abramovich will throw a bone in the Russian cinema


The oligarch will create a fund with investments of up to 1 billion rubles in the Russian film industry. Expecting an improvement in the quality of the films is not worth it: the Ministry of Culture spends 6 times more annually, but no sense.

Roman Abramovich bought a penthouse in London for 30 million pounds


According to The Times, the owner of the Chelsea football club bought a penthouse in one of the towers of the Chelsea Waterfront complex near the Stamford Bridge stadium.

Roman Abramovich fled to Israel


According to Israeli media reports, Abramovich arrived in Israel in a private plane and has already received a local passport. After the refusal of the UK for a visa, there was nowhere to live for the Russian oligarch.

Abramovich will have to explain where his money comes from


Russian businessman Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea football club, will have to explain the origin of his fortune - this is the condition for obtaining a new investment visa for Britain.

Abramovich was refused a secret in Switzerland


Why the businessman decided to withdraw his application, known in the editorial offices of the newspapers Le Matin Dimanche and Sonntags Zeitung, but the local court forbade them to disclose this information.

Roman Abramovich was unable to make his way to Switzerland


The businessman in 2016 applied for a residence permit in Switzerland, but in 2017 he withdrew it, and then resumed it again.

"Transcontainer" was taken over by Alexander Abramov with Roman Abramovich


Billionaire partners bought out operator's shares from NPF Blagosostoyanie.