Ministry of Defense of Russia


A contract was signed to supply the first batch of new Tu-160s


A contract was signed for the delivery of the first batch of new Tu-160s.

Outfit "Ratnik" was too expensive for the army


For military-field conditions, the modular system "Ratnik" is completely inappropriate.

At the airbase "Khmeimim" in Syria, allegedly destroyed seven Russian aircraft


Radical Islamists fired mortar shells at a Russian airbase in Syria.

The US was not intimidated by rail missiles


In Russia, the development of combat railway complexes of a new generation has been discontinued.

Vladimir Putin asked to prepare the economy for war


With whom and when was going to fight the RF its president to clarify forgot.

Sergei Shoygu surpassed Anatoly Serdyukov


The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation is plagued by corruption and theft. Everything might be stolen: from money to ballistic missiles to military rations. Now the head of the department Sergei Shoigu, who lives beyond his means, is also suspected. 

Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation demands 5 billion rubles from AFK Sistema


The Moscow Arbitration Court registered the claim of the Ministry of Defense to the defense concern RTI (owned by AFK Sistema) for the amount of almost 5 billion rubles.