Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation


Who saws the "military trillion"


Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov choose a candidate for the head of the VSK, which received contracts for special construction in Russia.

Ministry of Defense demands money from spy satellite manufacturers


The lawsuit against the Soyuz rocket manufacturer was filed by the department in an arbitration court on November 15.

Khalil Arslanov removed 2 billion rubles


Colonel General Khalil Arslanov, deputy head of the General Staff of the Russian Federation, is charged with embezzlement of more than 2 billion rubles in public procurements within the framework of the Voentelecom case.

Sergei Shoigu demands huge sum from Energy


The total claims of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation to the space industry may be 30 times more than the declared 5 billion rubles.

African passions of VTB and Andrei Kostin


The state-owned 60% VTB bank works a lot and very interestingly working abroad.

At the deepwater station could close the shield


The first version of the fire at AC-31 has appeared.

Leonid Teif bribed Russian officials to stop his American business


An investigation into the activities of Tayf, who in the United States is suspected of receiving kickbacks of $ 150 million and money laundering, was conducted in Russia. To stop a criminal case, a man gave bribes to Russian officials, the AP learned.

Military officials stumbled on weapons program


Heads of the 46th Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense were accused of fraud as part of an organized criminal group. According to investigators, when performing research, they entered into fictitious contracts with contractors and employees.

In the Salisbury tourist Ruslan Boshirov learned Colonel Anatoly Chepigu


Experts Bellingcat noticed the similarity of Ruslan Boshirov, whom the British authorities consider involved in the poisoning of former GRU officer Sergei Skripal, with Colonel Anatoly Chepiga, awarded in 2014 the title of Hero of Russia.

The Kremlin is cloning weapons programs


Russia will take another 10-year program of armaments in 2023, despite the fact that last year a similar program was adopted until 2027.

The Israelis and the Syrians fought on the plane of the Russian Defense Ministry


Moscow habitually declared provocations, but no serious measures against Israel will be taken. Officially the aircraft of radar reconnaissance Il-20 was shot down by Syrian "allies".

USC received the first tranche for the modernization of the "Northern Shipyard"


USC received the first tranche for the modernization of the "Northern Shipyard".

The case of the Magomedov brothers negatively affected the executor of defense orders


The investigation linked the Podolsky Electro-Mechanical Plant with the Magomedovs, and the court arrested his accounts. In the risk zone, there were more than fifty defense contracts, including those for special-purpose missile forces.

Aeroflot invites military pilots to work


Against the backdrop of a shortage of personnel, the airline is ready to retrain them.

The RF Ministry of Defense demanded 453 million rubles from two generals and three businessmen


Sergei Shoigu's Office filed a civil suit in the criminal trial in the case of former deputy directors of the Spetsstroy Alexander Zagorulko and Alexander Buryakov, as well as three businessmen.

Russia is threatened with large claims from victims of the Boeing disaster in the Donbass in 2014


Moscow does not recognize the conclusions of the investigation and does not plan to pay yet.

Russia can not rearm its fleet


In Sochi, a large-scale meeting of Vladimir Putin with military and production workers took place.

On the production of weapons, the Russian Federation will spend in 2018 more than 1 trillion rubles


This is almost as much as the country spends on education and medicine. In addition, 500 billion rubles will be spent on the development of new types of weapons, and even more than a trillion rubles - on payments of pensions and allowances to the military.

Russia cut military spending in 2017


According to experts from the Stockholm Peace Research Institute, the reduction was 20% in dollar terms. Whether experts considered closed expenditure items of the Russian budget, it is not known.

NPP "Start" left the Russian generals without toys


The Ministry of Defense demanded an advance back and will sue the plant, which previously often disrupted military orders.

Russian scientist, who worked for the navy, was killed in prison


The entrepreneur Valery Pshenichny, who worked on submarines like "Varshavianka", was tortured, raped and then killed in the cell of SIZO No. 4 in St. Petersburg.

Moscow is in a hurry to deliver the S-400 Turkey


The newest Russian surface-to-air missile systems will appear in Turkey in the summer of 2019 instead of in the spring of 2020.

Russia bears losses in Syria: military transport worker did not arrive in Khmeimim


When the An-26 crashed, 39 people were killed, among them one general and 27 officers.

The Armata tank is not ready again


The British edition of The Times noted that the deadlines for the readiness of the "future tank" - the T-14 "Armata" - are once again being transferred to the Russian Federation. Apparently, he will not be put in the troops until the beginning of 2021.

In Syria, an unknown number of Russian mercenaries died


Diplomats specify who was killed by the American strike.

Vladimir Putin reminded the weapons barons about the conversion


President of the Russian Federation Vladimir "Putin" suggested that enterprises of the military-industrial complex should pass to the production of civilian products.

Why did the Russian airbase in Syria come under fire


The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation confirmed that the base of Khmeimim in Syria before the New Year was subjected to mortar shelling. The saboteurs attacked from the de-escalation zone, and the air defense system could not protect the military.

The defense banks came up with a security against new sanctions


To save banks working with OPK from a new wave of sanctions pressure, the authorities are considering the possibility of creating a cash management center under the Treasury. According to experts, this will only remove some of the risks.