Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation


Igor Shuvalov struck CSKA corner


VEB.RF will become the owner of the football club.

The court gave General Feoktistov two million dollars


Moscow's Zamoskvoretsky court on Friday granted the request for the return of two million dollars in cash to FSB general Oleg Feoktistov, which Igor Sechin transferred to the former minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev as a bribe.

US goods in Russia are waiting for new duties


Russia introduces additional import duties on goods from the US, said the head of the Ministry of Economic Development Maxim Oreshkin. They will be distributed to those goods, analogues of which are on the Russian market.

The Ministry of Economics proposes to hide data on major transactions of Russian corporations


FAS will not be able to publish information on the upcoming transactions of large companies, and they will, by the decision of the government, have the right not to disclose some of their data. The corresponding draft was prepared by the Ministry of Economic Development.

"Rusal" is ready to drop anchor on the island of Russian


Rusal is considering re-registration in the Russian Federation.

VTB purchased the largest debt asset of the EBRD in Russia


VTB bought out a loan from the EBRD issued for the Western high-speed diameter - a high-speed highway in St. Petersburg. The EBRD has withdrawn from its largest debt position in Russia and continues to reduce its portfolio due to sanctions.

The Russian government is preparing for the fall of oil and the ruble


The rise in prices on the oil market, which supported the influx of currencies to Russia and GDP growth, is close to the limit, the Russian Economic Development Ministry believes.

The Russian government approved the transformation of Vnesheconombank into a factory of project financing


The bank nearly died because of ineffective political projects, but the officials don't care. 

Former rector of the New Economic School — RBC: "Corruption means the governors and higher officials"


One of the authors of the Doing Business ranking, the former Deputy Prime Minister of Bulgaria and the former head of the New Economic School (NES) Simeon Djankov spoke about the types of corruption and the inability of large-scale reforms in Russia.