Ministry of Energy


Why Russian coal industry is resistant to the crisis


The continued growth of the industry is the result of the domination of private owners.

Miller vs. Sechin


Gazprom will not allow Rosneft to go to Europe.

Russian Energy Minister: Saudi Arabia destabilized the oil market


However, the energy minister Alexander Novak does not expect the fall in oil prices to $20-25 per barrel.

Oil business of the Khotin family received benefits for 92 billion rubles


A small oil company Dulisma, which belongs to the Khotin family, manages to get export benefits faster than LUKOIL. The Ministry of Finance believes these benefits are justified and assesses budget losses from them at 92.5 billion rubles.

The Russian energy sector turns to China


For the first time since the days of Chubais, after the reform of RAO UES, the Russian energy comples may have a foreign strategic investor.