Mirax Group

Mirax Group. Российская компания. Основана 1994 году. Главным собственником является основатель и председатель совета директоров компании бизнесмен Сергей Полонский. В 2013 году Mirax была переименована в ЗАО "Башня Федерация". В настоящее время трое бывших руководителей компании заочно арестованы по делу о хищении средств дольщиков при строительстве двух жилых комплексов. Штаб-квартира располагается в Москве . Род деятельности: Строительство жилой и коммерческой недвижимости, инвестиции и управление недвижимостью. Официальный сайт

Sergei Polonsky was going to build "smart cities"


A billionaire convicted of fraud, engaged in business training and announced the construction of smart cities.

Sergey Polonsky turned out to be a beggar


The scandalous developer could not pay a debt of $5 million to his former lawyer.

Polonsky: guilty and free


Sergey Polonsky was released from punishment.

Sberbank came into possession of President Plaza


The bank got it in settlment of the debt of 350 million dollars.

Russian businessman's yacht was stormed from the sea and from the air


Why the third arrest of Sergey Polonsky in Cambodia happened.

Sergey Polonsky has opened a business school in the jungles of Cambodia


Having settled the problem with the Cambodian justice system and acquiring the ownership of several islands, the runaway Russian developer Sergey Polonsky decided to tackle educational business.

Olympic victims of Sergey Polonsky


The scandalous developer became a defendant in another criminal case, among the victims are the members of the Russian Olympic hockey team.

Sergey Polonsky is ready for payback


The founder of Mirax Group (currently Potok8) Sergei Polonsky, who was involved in a criminal case of 5.7 billion rubles, remembered about the holders of the residential complex "Kutuzovskaya milya" in Moscow.