Moscow City Court


Olga Egorova dreamed of a chair in the Supreme Court


The ex-head of the Moscow City Court is trying to protect himself from responsibility for past sins.

Karina Turcan will be introduced to the scout


After hearing the testimony of the former deputy minister, the espionage court decided to interrogate the agent who had revealed the top manager of Inter RAO.

Khachaturov will sit, but not for long


The ex-co-owner of Rosgosstrakh was cut in half, and his accomplice was released.

Alexander Mamut got into streaming


The Rambler Group is demanding record compensation from the American Twitch service.

Dmitry Zakharchenko spoke for six months


The billionaire policeman was reduced to a sentence.

Mikhail Maksimenko did not say a single bad word about Alexander Bastrykin


“FSB officers also put pressure on me, demanded to incriminate Alexander Bastrykin and threatened me for a period of 22 years,” said Mikhail Maksimenko, former head of the ICR’s own security department, in court. He and several of his alleged accomplices, including the former head of the capital’s department of the UK, are charged with receiving a million dollars for the fact that they promised to release the close associates of the criminal authority Shakro Molodoy

Dmitry Zakharchenko admitted that he is not a saint


The richest Russian policeman explained his landing by a conflict with the FSB.

Philippe Delpalu sleeps sweetly in a Moscow apartment


The court released the partner Baring Vostok under house arrest, the reason for the transfer from the pre-trial detention center was the appearance of his apartment in Moscow.

Promsvyazbank forced debtors from the concern Green Mama to pay their debts


In July, the Moscow City Court confirmed the bank’s correctness in a dispute with a couple of businessmen, Oleg and Irina Nasobins, who owed two loans of about 35 million rubles.

Igor Chaika instilled immunity from a judge


The Moscow City Court supported the judge, who is known for the “correct” decision in the case of the son of the Prosecutor General.

The investigation threw international networks at Yuri Khokhlov


The defense of the ex-adviser to the head of the Federal Agency for Fishery claims that he went abroad not from the investigation, but to work.

Yandex pulled into the partners of piracy Gazprom Media and Group


"Yandex" asked the Moscow City Court to recruit Group and Rutube as third parties for the lawsuit filed by Gazprom-Media TV channels against Yandex about piracy.

Figurant of the embezzlement case at the Vostochny space center stuck in prison


Yevgenia Degtyareva has fully served her term at 4.5 years, but she can not leave the prison for more than a week.

Denis Nikandrov laid Alexander Draymanov not in vain


The former Major-General of Justice, who gave testimony to his ex-boss, escaped the confiscation of property and was given the right to a UDO.

General Denis Nikandrov received 5.5 years in prison


The former deputy head of the GSS of the Moscow Kremlin was also deprived of the title for helping the criminal authority named Italian. Nikandrov managed to avoid a more severe punishment, having surrendered his immediate superior Alexander Drymanov to the investigation.

In the criminal case of the brothers Magomedovs a new figurant appeared


Arrested financial director ADG group Alexander Kabanov, previously worked as vice-president for finance investment company "Summa Capital". It is assumed that the cunning manager led to the left 1 billion rubles.

Alexander Lamonov received five years of strict regime, a fine and lost his title


The werewolf, who had crawled into Russian law enforcement agencies, was deprived of epaulettes and sentenced to a fine of 32 million rubles.

Former FSUE director at Spetsstroi is accused of abuse of authority


The Moscow City Court found that Mr. Nikitin is a "prospective" suspect, who can not be released for house arrest. Now he is accused of abuse of office and damage to 665 million rubles in the construction of the spaceport "Vostochny".

Top manager of "Rosnano" Andrey Gorkov left pre-trial detention center "Matrosskaya Tishina"


The Moscow City Court considered that the top manager of the company Andrei Gorkov should not sit twice for the same thing.

Moscow City Court overturned the decision on the absentee arrest of the architect Manana Hernandez-Getashvili


"Offended" married couple Chemezov-Ignatova Georgian-Portuguese architect jumped off the hook of Russian justice. The Moscow City Court found unlawful the postponement of the absentee arrest of Hernandez Getashvili, who is suspected of fraud for several million dollars in the design of the palaces of Russian nouveaux riches.

Damage in the case of embezzlement at the construction site of Putin's residence grew to ₽1.5 billion


The amount of damage in the case of the FSO subordinate company that built facilities in Novo-Ogaryovo increased and amounted to 1.5 billion rubles. The investigation accused the accused of creating a criminal community and is preparing to bring charges against the new defendants.

Alexei Ulyukaev paid a fine and appealed the verdict


Sentenced to eight years in prison for taking bribes, former Minister of Economic Development Alexei Ulyukayev appealed his sentence in the presidium of the Moscow City Court.

Hollywood producer Stepan Martirosyan was removed from the Russia


The Prosecutor General's Office and the Moscow City Court decided to extradite the filmmaker of Armenia.

Sergei Kapkov charges burnt deposits from a co-owner of a bank that has collapsed


The former Minister of Culture of Moscow and his children demand to pay them 19 million rubles.

Kirill Serebrennikov was left under house arrest


The Moscow City Court rejected the complaints of the defendants of the case of the "Seventh Studio" and their defense for the extension of the accused's terms of house arrest.

The Moscow City Court did not recognize Sergei Khachaturov as a businessman


That is why he left him behind bars in the pre-trial detention center during the investigation of the theft in the Rosgosstrakh system.

Leopards and the night hockey league did not help the brothers Magomedov


The Moscow City Court left the co-owners of the "Summa" group until May 30.

The court released Leonid Melamed from house arrest


The Moscow City Court did not extend the house arrest to the former head of Rusnano Leonid Melamed, accused of embezzling 220 million rubles.