Moscow Stock Exchange


The builder "Airplane" will sell up to 45.45% of shares on an IPO on the Moscow stock exchange


The development group "Airplane" will place 45.45% of shares on the Moscow stock exchange. For 50 million extra shares issued by additional issue, it is planned to raise less than 1.25 billion rubles.

"Alrosa" will pay dividends in a new way


The company will pay at least 50% of the free cash flow.

The losses of Russian billionaires due to sanctions exceeded $ 6 billion


Yesterday Vladimir Putin signed a law on counter-sentences. Forbes estimated how much the richest people of Russia who were under sanctions in April lost, while the Duma and the Kremlin came up with the US response.

American sanctions ceased to be ridiculous for Russians


The Russian stock market for the day lost 820 billion rubles of capitalization. Trades in the stock market were closed by the fall of the Mossbirge index by 8.34% and the RTS index by 11.44%.

Before the rehabilitation of Otkritie, its shares had been bought by Trust Bank for 40 billion rubles


Those who have not redeemed the shares, won't get the money, the Central Bank explained.