Alexander Mamut swung a bill on MTS and Yandex


The Chamber of Patent Disputes rejected the claims of Rambler Group against MTS due to the MTS.Afisha trademark, the same complaint was filed with Yandex.

Rostelecom has prepared an unpleasant surprise for Russians


Following him will do the same and other operators.

MTS became a co-owner of YouDo service


Online service for household and business tasks YouDo announced the attraction of $ 17 million from a group of investors.

MTS-Bank not only by name


AFK Sistema will sell all its shares to a cellular operator.

Vladimir Evtushenkov lost $ 750 million in Turkmenistan


MTS filed an investment lawsuit against the government of Turkmenistan.

Russia was not ready for the "package of laws" by Irina Yarovoy


In Russia, no equipment has been created to implement the "Yarovoi Law", which came into force on July 1 and obliged telecommunications companies to store mobile and Internet traffic for six months for special services and law enforcement agencies.

FAS has recognized the guilt of operators in the understatement of prices for SMS for state banks


FAS revealed violations of the "Big Four" mobile operators competition law - the tariff for sending SMS to state-owned banks was set lower than for the rest. Cellular companies must eliminate violations within two weeks.

Russians will pay for "law Yarovoi" with their ruble


Russian Internet providers start increasing prices since the summer.

Corruptistan: MTS and Vimpelcom telecom providers and the kick backs


Several Russian telecom companies became involved in an international corruption scandal. In order to settle on the Uzbek market, MTS and VimpelCom could have given bribes to the daughter of the country's former president – Gulnara Karimova. Sofia Savina reports on how the investigation into the case is going now.

Why Rosneft and Sistema can't reconcile


"Sistema" asks the Prosecutor General to verify the legality of the actions of the bailiff, who has forbidden the company to receive income on the arrested shares, and Igor Sechin expects from Sistema specific proposals on the settlement agreement.

Sechin's appetite comes with Yevtushenkov


To please Rosneft, the court is ready for atypical decisions on MTS.

MTS under arrest


Shares of the operator become cheaper during the trials of AFK and Rosneft.

Russian brands did not make it into 100 most expensive brands for the first time since 2008


For the first time since 2008, no Russian brands were included into the ranking of the most expensive brands of the world, which has been compiled by research network Millward Brown over the last decade. The devaluation of the ruble is to be blamed.