Naftogaz of Ukraine


"Naftogaz of Ukraine" recalled "Gazrom" overpayments for gas in the EU


Kiev plans to seek from Gazprom $ 110 million for forced purchase of gas in the EU countries.

Gazprom achieved success in the UK, but suffered a defeat in Sweden


In Britain, the decision to arrest Gazrom's assets on the suit of Ukrainian Naftogaz was canceled, and in Sweden it's the other way around: the seizure of assets is again allowed.

Ukraine wants to return Gazprom in the nineties


Moscow, under Washington's pressure, is prepared to retain only a small part of its gas transit through Ukraine.

Naftogaz demanded from Gazprom another 11.58 billion dollars


The Ukrainian company is again looking for money in Stockholm arbitration.

"Naftogaz" hardly returned under arrest the shares of structures of "Gazprom" Nord Stream


The Ukrainian company in pursuit of 2.65 billion dollars from Gazprom barely has time to resume the arrest of shares of Nord Stream AG and Nord Stream 2 AG.

"Gazprom" was allowed not to pay "Naftogaz"


The court upheld the ban on the execution of the decision of the Stockholm Arbitration to recover from the Russian "Gazprom" 2.65 billion dollars in favor of the Ukrainian company.

London court froze British assets of Gazprom at the suit of Naftogaz


The assets of the Russian company in the UK are frozen to ensure the decision of the Stockholm Arbitration on the payment of "Naftogaz" 2.6 billion dollars.

Gazprom responded to Ukrainian Naftogaz in Sweden


The Svea County Court of Appeal (Sweden) suspended execution of the Stockholm arbitration award, according to which the Russian corporation was to pay Naftogaz 2.65 billion dollars.

"Gazprom" complained to the Swiss court to seize assets in the Netherlands


After reports of the arrest of Gazprom's property in the Netherlands under the lawsuit of Naftogaz, the Russian company filed a lawsuit.

Novak allowed the support of "Gazprom" because of the arrest of assets in the Netherlands


Energy Minister Alexander Novak did not rule out measures of state support for the gas corporation, whose assets under the lawsuit of Naftogaz were arrested in the Netherlands and Switzerland. The Ukrainian company Gazprom is obliged to return 2,65 billion dollars.

"Naftogaz" scored the first goal for Gazprom


Following Switzerland, the Netherlands seized the assets of Gazprom in accordance with the decision of the Stockholm Arbitration, which obliges the Russian concern to pay Naftogaz $ 2.6 billion. However, neither the supply of gas to Europe from Russia, nor the construction of the "Nord Stream-2" is not yet threatened.

In "Naftogaz" announced the arrest of the Dutch assets of "Gazprom"


The court arrested the Dutch assets of Gazprom for paying Naftogaz 2.6 billion dollars on the decision of the Stockholm Arbitration, the Ukrainian company said.

Ukraine exposed an ultimatum to Gazprom


Naftogaz demanded from the Russian gas corporation to undertake the obligation to pump 110 billion cubic meters of gas annually through Ukraine in 2020-2028 and agree to pay 30% more for the rate for pumping in 2018-2019. Otherwise, Kiev threatens Moscow with a $ 11 billion claim.

Ukraine is trying to arrest the shares of "Nord Stream-2"


Kiev plans in this way to dislodge from the "Gazprom" argued in the Stockholm Arbitration 2,6 billion dollars.

Linguistics became the last refuge of "Gazprom"


The Russian gas corporation demanded to reconsider the verdict of the Stockholm arbitration on the basis of a linguistic examination. According to Gazprom, the verdict of arbitration about the dispute with the Ukrainian Naftogaz was not written by the arbitrator.

Gazprom asked the Stockholm Arbitration to protect it from Ukrainian Naftogaz


Gazprom sent documents to the Stockholm Arbitration Court for the termination of contracts with Naftogaz for the supply and transit of gas through Ukraine.

Gazprom complained to Swedish court in Sweden


The company appealed against the decision of Stockholm Arbitration under the contract for the supply of gas to Ukraine in the court of Sweden.

Ukraine took away from Gazprom everything what it could find on its territory


Ukraine recovered from Gazprom about $ 3.8 million in the antimonopoly fine for 6.6 billion dollars. According to the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice, this is all that actually was at Gazprom in the territory of Ukraine.

Gas threat: why Gazprom decided to terminate contracts with Ukraine


After losing the process in Stockholm, the Russian concern announced the beginning of the termination of contracts with Naftogaz for the supply and transit of gas. This process will take at least a year, but the European Commission has already called on the parties to resolve the conflict.

Gazprom will pay Ukraine 2.56 billion dollars


Such a decision was eventually adopted by the International Arbitration Court in Stockholm.

$5 billion for Crimean assets: Naftogaz filed a new lawsuit in The Hague against Russia


To protect its interests, the Ukrainian oil and gas holding turned to a legal company that represented the interests of former Yukos shareholders in a dispute with Russia for $50 billion.

Ukraine's and Russia's argument ended in a draw


However, Gazprom can still get about $1 billion.

Naftogaz acknowledged the threat of loss of Ukraine's gas transit


Europe will end up face-to-face with Gazprom, if it didn't invest in the Ukrainian gas transportation system, warned the head of Naftogaz.

Naftogaz filed another lawsuit against Russia


The company demands $2.6 billion from Russia for the nationalized assets in the Crimea.

Gazprom will cut off pipelines for Kiev


The gas giant could save tens of billions of dollars.