Power Machines


Alexey Mordashov asks for money


Power Machines is seeking $ 384 million from the state to complete the Long Fu-1 power plant project in Vietnam.

Alexey Mordashov declared war on Vietnam


Power Machines Aleksey Mordashov sues Vietnam after the TPP project was stopped due to sanctions.

The failure of Alexei Mordashov and optimism of Rosatom


Power Machine’s steam turbines, which are made both for domestic nuclear power plants and for foreign ones, continue to be alarming.

Alexey Mordashov cries from US sanctions in Vietnam


Power Machines disrupted the construction schedule of the power plant and companies are facing serious fines. The reason was the withdrawal from the project of Western subcontractors due to the American sanctions imposed on Power Machines.

The government does not have time to modernize TPPs due to the lack of modern gas turbines


Siemens can localize the production of its high-capacity gas turbines in Russia not earlier than 2023 in Russia.

Alexei Mordashov will import foreign turbines in Russia


By 2025, the "Power Machines" controlled by the oligarch should produce turbines that are 100% localized.

"Power Machines" will sell turbines to Iran for 171 million euros


The tender for the supply of equipment for a new TPP company bypassed the Urals turbine plant.

Ministry of Industry and Trade proposed to modernize TPPs without foreigners


Minpromtorg proposed to prohibit foreign companies from participating in the modernization of Russian thermal power plants in the 1920s. True, officials forgot that the gas turbine's own nomenclature does not cover the needs of the program, worth 1.4 trillion rubles. Whether it will be possible to develop new ones is not yet known.

Siemens wants to localize the production of gas turbines by 90%


The German concern is not going to leave because of the scandal with the supply of turbines to the Crimea from Russia and plans to bring the localization of production of gas turbines in Russia to 90%.

Alexei Mordashov asked the government for money


Under the US sanctions, "Power Machines" businessman Alexei Mordashov continues to demand benefits.

Alexei Mordashov and Oleg Deripaska kicked out of the government budgetary support


"Power Machines" and the GAZ Group will support public procurement.

Alexei Mordashov's company wants to force Siemens out of the gas turbine market


To start the production of "Power Machines" ask for state support.

Than US sanctions threaten Mordashov's "Power Machines"


More than half of the company's revenue is exported.

Siemens complained of fraud


Technopromexport sold the Siemens turbines to its structure in six months after it was ordered.

Crimean turbines revolve around Rostec


The state corporation created a secondary market for disputable equipment.

Last week's conflicts in Russia: Siemens and the Ministry of Emergency Situations


Last week in Russia one of the hottest topics was the problem of Siemens turbines, which had been sneaked into the Crimea quietly. The second most important topic was the search conducted by the FSB in the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation. It is believed that the FSB is trying to put this agency under its control.

German media blame Vladimir Putin for the scandal with turbines in the Crimea


Journalists learned that Putin had promised not to use Siemens turbines in the Crimea.

Very limited anti-Russian sanctions


Siemens will not limit its cooperation with Russia.

Siemens might leave Russia


Because of the scandal with the supply of turbines to the Crimea, the company is considering the option to withdraw from two joint ventures in Russia.

The general director of "Power Machines" was detained for disclosure of state secrets


Roman Filippov, General Director of Power Machines, was detained in St. Petersburg by officers of the Federal Security Service. The date and circumstances of the detention are not yet specified.

A feigned deal: Forbes found out the details of Siemens's claim for Crimean turbines


The German concern believes that Tekhnopromexport has misled vendors, and demands to recognize the deal on the delivery of all four gas turbine plants as invalid and return them.

Siemens spit on sanctions against Russia


Siemens gas turbines were supplied to the Crimea despite the sanctions.