Prosecutor General's Office

The Prosecution Service of the Russian Federation, as a body of the federal government, supervises over observance of the legality, law and order in Russia with a view to secure supremacy of the Russian Constitution and the federal legislation, to protect human rights and freedoms, and legal interests of the Russian Federation, its constituent elements and municipal units.

The foundation of the modern Russian Prosecution Service was laid by Peter I, (Peter the Great) who founded the Prosecution Service in Russia on January 12, 1722.

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Yuri Chaika told about the work and business of his sons


They are "clever boys", they achieve everything themselves, I never interfered with their business, the public prosecutor said.

Housing Fund lost 1.78 billion rubles in Vneshprombank


Now Foundation asks Prosecutor General's Office to check the employees of the Central Bank.

Central Bank found a pseudobank on the Internet


The regulator never gave a license to a certain Metro Neal Guardian Bank.

The owner of GC "Miel" Grigory Kulikov arrested in Latvia


The authorities consider his extradition to Russia, where a criminal case will be initiated. 

Money for Kalashnikov factories disappeared in other projects


The case of embezzlement in Venezuela ended in Moscow.

Prosecutors will be told about the death of Christophe de Margerie


They are not satisfied with the first version of the investigation.

The courts rejected the claim of Navalny and Anti-Corruption Foundation against the Prosecutor General Chaika and media outlets


The blogger was trying to involve the media outlets as defendants after they published a response of the General Prosecutor to his investigation film. 

Company associated with Igor Chaika started a new business


Sitistroyservis company, which, according to RBC, is related to the youngest son of the Prosecutor General Chaika, Igor, was one of the first to win several tenders for capital repairs of the capital housing. The amount of contracts exceeded 88 million rubles.

Navalny told about the Prosecutor General Yury Chaika's family business


The protagonist of the new investigation of Anti-Corruption Foundation is the son of the General Prosecutor, Artyom Chaika. 

How the son of the public prosecutor built his business on contracts with Russian Railways and Moscow


The order book of Igor Chaika's companies exceeds 300 billion rubles.  

Roskosmos has deviated from the accounting trajectory


The Audit Chamber has found 93 billion rubles of financial irregularities in the space agency.

Russian businessman's yacht was stormed from the sea and from the air


Why the third arrest of Sergey Polonsky in Cambodia happened.

Money of Zvezda floated across the Pacific Ocean


The investigators are looking for the traces of 4 billion rubles stolen during the construction of a shipyard

Auditors caught Rosaviation out in inefficient use of funds


The audit addressed the Prosecutor General with a request to bring to justice those responsible for the failure of the program of modernization of air traffic management.

Gudkov outbid the Russian businessman upon purchase of a house in London


Ex-deputy buys luxury apartments in the UK capital worth about 220 million rubles.

The chief executive of the General Prosecutor's Office was involved in the "GTA gang case"


Members of a group of robbers and murderers worked, lived and kept weapons in the house of the chief executive of the Prosecutor General Alexey Staroverov.

Banker Ablyazov failed the "Kasparov's defence"


The Lyons Court reviewed the Prosecutor General's request to extradite the former head of BTA Bank as well as the former minister of the Moscow region Alexey Kuznetsov to Russia. 

The Czech Republic refused to extradite the accused under the "tomographic case" to Russia


The Czech authorities rejected the Russian Prosecutor General's Office request for the extradition of businessman Alexander Chekalin, who is accused of fraud in the delivery of medical equipment for public clinics. 

Prosecutor General's Office made a request for Berezovsky's mansions


The supervisory authority will seek to transfer real estate to Russia's ownership.

Top managers of Rosnano are suspected of embezzlement


Companions of Anatoly Chubais became defendants in a criminal case.

Former head of Roskosmos invited to the Investigation Committee


According to the Prosecutor General's Office, Anatoly Perminov abused power by authorizing the transaction by Khrunichev Center to acquire shares in the American company International Launch Services in 2008.

The Cyprus foundation of Rosnano involved in a criminal case


Investigators suspect that the management of Nanoenergo Fund Limited of illegal cashout of $ 90 million from the company.

Prosecutor General's office began checking Rosnano


Prosecutors find out whether the actions of Anatoly Chubais and his management had any criminal elements.

Prosecutor General's Office sent to school competitions


Ministry of Education was charged with violation of applicants' rights.

Prosecutor General's Office demands to punish Roskosmos leadership


The audit showed that the orders for 1.8 billion rubles placed before the New Year had violated the law "On space activities".