Vladimir Lisin (born 7 May 1956 in Ivanovo) is a Russian steel tycoon. He is chairman and the majority shareholder of Novolipetsk or NLMK, one of the four largest steel companies in Russia.

Vladimir Lisin has made his fortune in steel, railways and cargo logistics. He started out as a mechanic in a coalmine, then worked as a steelworker in Siberia after college. In 1991, when his boss was appointed minister of metallurgy, Lisin came with him to Moscow. A year later, he joined a group of traders, called Trans-World Group, who came to dominate Russia's aluminum and steel exports. 

He managed the factories, and when the partners went their separate ways in 2000, he got a majority stake in the giant Novolipetsk steel mill. He also controls Universal Cargo Logistics Holding, which owns railway operator First Cargo, as well as some ports and shipping companies. He built one of Europe's largest shooting-range complexes in Lisya Nora, near Moscow

He is said to be one of the richest men in Russia and 72nd richest in the world. As of 2013, his estimated net worth is $14.1 billion.

Indonesia will pay with oil for Russian fighter jets


The contract for the supply of 11 Su-35s can be concluded before the end of the year.