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Mikhail Gutseriev offended by Reuters


The industrial and financial group intends to sue the news agency because of inaccurate information.

Deutsche Bank could ignore problems with laundering when working with Russian customers


The bank handed over documents to the US Congress on cooperation with Russians, reports Reuters.

How Igor Sechin earns on US sanctions against Venezuela


The Venezuelan government uses Rosneft to circumvent US sanctions. According to Reuters, the oil state company PDVSA began to send invoices for fuel to a Russian partner, who pays for them immediately and at a discount, and then resells the resources to other buyers for the full price.

Herman Gref will have all the "Ok"


Sberbank is negotiating the purchase of the retailer "Okay", writes Reuters. Moreover, if the transaction takes place, the state bank will not be long the owner of the company - he plans to resell the asset to a third party, according to agency interlocutors.

Reuters named Katerina Tikhonova the younger daughter of Putin


This publication has already caused serious contradictions between Gazprombank and the news agency.

The Kremlin has denied the publication of Reuters about Putin's daughter


Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov denied the information contained in a Reuters story about Vladimir Putin's daughter. Previously, the agency said that the head of the project Innopraktika Katerina Tikhonova was the president's daughter. 

Reuters received Nemtsov's note on Ivanovo paratroopers who had allegedly fought in Ukraine


The politician's assistant Olga Shorina got it when discussing the future report on the war in the Donbass.