Natalia Rotenberg will release family sweets and cocktails


Natalia Rotenberg, the former wife of billionaire Arkady Rotenberg, decided to register the Rotenberg and Rotenberg trademarks. The ex-wife of a businessman launched her own confectionery line.

Azamat Ibatullin staked "Red Square"


The dispute with Rospatent over the trademark ended in favor of the Bashkir businessman.

Grigory Ivliev's patents


Head of Rospatent Grigoriy Ivliev wants to take control of the entire country's intellectual property. Russia in this case faces the redistribution of "intellectual property" with an unknown outcome.

Samsung and LG cannot divide Russia


Manufacturers are arguing about a patent for the design of smartphones.

Roustam Tariko encumbered Green Mark and other vodka brands to the creditors


As RBC found out, all alcoholic brands owned by Roustam Tariko, except for Russian Standard: Green Mark, Parliament, Zhuravli and others, have been encumbered to bondholders due in April 2018.

Author of the tax on RuNet is the owner of real estate development business in England


Head of the Russian Authors' Society and the author of the idea of ​​the tax on the Internet Sergey Fedotov appeared to be a developer. Together with unknown partners, he owns real estate in the UK worth more than £8 million.