Foreigners will be banned from fishing in Russia


FAS found a foreigner among the owners of the fishing company.

Prison for belugas and killer whales caused a scandal in Rosrybolovstvo


Ilya Shestakova is charged with the trade of belugas, the Japanese cartel and unreasonable spending of budget funds.

The investigation threw international networks at Yuri Khokhlov


The defense of the ex-adviser to the head of the Federal Agency for Fishery claims that he went abroad not from the investigation, but to work.

Fishermen demanded from the government to stop lobbying the business of Gleb Frank and Gennady Timchenko


The principle of replacing historical quotas for catching crab at auctions will lead to bankruptcies of many fishing companies in Russia. But it will allow the Russian fishing company Gleb Frank to gain a foothold in this niche.

Russian crab will be half auctioned


Since 2019, half of the crab catch quotas in Russia will be distributed through electronic auctions. Industry participants suspect in the lobbying of such a decision of the owners of the Russian fishery company Gleb Frank and Maxim Vorobyov (the latter has already left her business).

The company "Natrbresource" can become a monopolist in the fish market


Head of the Ministry of Agriculture Dmitry Patrushev plans to create in Russia one more major player in the fish market, which will be privatized and gradually withdrawn from state ownership.

The FSB will prohibit the transport of fish on foreign vessels


Fishermen have few Russian vessels, and so the industry will have to invest up to 12 billion rubles a year in order to satisfy the requirements of the FSB. Pay for all end consumers, for which the price of fish will grow, at least, by 20%.

Mass mortality of fish in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District was associated with the Lukoil field


Vagit Alekperov's company could have caused a massive fish freeze in the spawning river. Local residents and scientists associate it with the works at the Pyakyakhinskoye deposit of LUKOIL. YANAO officials are afraid to investigate the incident.

Oyster production in Russia has grown 265 times


Over three years of the food embargo in Russia, the production of marine delicacies has dramatically increased: mussels - more than 12 times, oysters - in 265. Most of the increase in production of the Crimea.

The sea of opportunities


How the Russian "Fish King" Vitaly Orlov made his first billion dollars.

Rosrybolovstvo supported the introduction of a fish embargo against Turkey


The introduction of an embargo on food fish from Turkey is a positive step for the Russian producers of cod, pollock, halibut and flounder.

Who controls the production of fish in Russia


Vitaly Orlov's companies have 15% of quotas for cod, pollock and herring.