Rostelecom never put Sputnik into orbit


How the state lost 3 billion rubles trying to regulate Runet.

Rostelecom held the Central Telegraph for Pavel Te


The sale of a building in the center of Moscow turned out to be technical.

Rostelecom has prepared an unpleasant surprise for Russians


Following him will do the same and other operators.

The state will climb deeper into Tele2


It can collect a controlling stake in Tele2 from Rostelecom.

Operating system Sailfish from "Rostelecom" for officials is estimated at 160 billion rubles


The transfer of government employees and state-owned companies to smartphones with the Russian operating system is scheduled to begin in 2019. The project is estimated at 160 billion rubles.

State-oligarchic search engines blocked Telegram


The site of the telegram that was blocked in Russia was not available in the search output of and Sputnik, but is visible in the search for Google and Yandex.

Zombie search engine "Sputnik" reanimate from the budget


Rostelecom will spend another 260 million rubles to train the search engine and the browser to work with large data.

Rostelecom has no decency


Semipublic Rostelecom may end up in the list of dishonest suppliers.

Rocket fall


Today the Russian "Progress" exploded in the night sky. According to preliminary information, the cause of the crash of yet another freight cargo space ship is the engine failure.   

Nikolay Nikiforov monetized the Russian Ministry of Communications


Entities under the control of the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation are bogged down in corruption and incidental business activities. Now Rostelecom is going to become an online store with its own payment system.

"Sputnik" and the failure


The search engine created by "Rostelecom" and costing billions of rubles, never found its users. However, the project could be saved by "Yarovaya's pack". 

Yarovaya's pack will devastate the budget


Communications providers will not be able to pay the income tax.

Offshore tenets


How the head of Russian Technologies, Sergey Chemezov, was preparing Eureka for his son

RBC investigation: how much employees of state companies earned in 2015


The economic crisis and the threat of losing jobs didn't much affect the employees of state-owned companies banks: although the salareis didn't increase, mass layoffs have been avoided. Many members of the management didn't even notice the devaluation of the ruble.

China can: Huawei captures the Russian market


The desire to please the customers and sanctions help the Chinese telecom giant to oust the Western competitors from the Russian market. How successful will be the expansion of Huawei?

Malofeev demands $600 million from VTB because of Alisher Usmanov


The former largest private shareholder of Rostelecom Konstantin Malofeev intends to collect $ 600 million from VTB: due to the bank's lawsuit he failed to become a partner of Alisher Usmanov.