Andrei Melnichenko will lead the Far Eastern Energy Company into the Bermuda Triangle


Well-known businessman Andrei Melnichenko can easily get attractive energy assets in the Primorye Territory.

Inter RAO to Become Circle


Holding structures together with Rosneftegaz can collect almost 70% of its shares.

Consolidation of Inter RAO will start from afar


The company can buy back from RusHydro 5% of its shares.

RusHydro is ready to be at law with Kyrgyzstan


Companies have not reimbursed the costs of the Verkhne-Narynsky HPP cascade.

Peresvet is waiting for creditors


After six months of negotiations, they agreed to save the Russian Orthodox Church's bank. 

Alexander Horoshavin stole a diamond pen while sitting in a jail cell


Observers suspect the hand of General Vladimir Markin.

RusHydro failed to finish the stations in the Far East in time


The state holding rescheduled the end of the construction due to problems with contractors.

Who Framed Yevgeny Dod


Top manager Andrey Rappoport deceived Anatoly Chubais, but stumbled on trying to do the same with Igor Sechin.

Yevgeny Dod will live on welfare


The investigators are looking for the former RusHydro head's money at his consultants' places. 

Rucompromat review for June 20-24


Evgeniy and Nikita will get their whack of prison. 

Illegal bonus: why the former head of RusHydro was detained


Investigative Committee opened a criminal case against former RusHydro head Yevgeny Dod, suspecting him of theft of 73.2 million rubles. The protege of Anatoly Chubais and Igor Sechin spoiled relations with those who supported him, say the managers familiar with the situation. 

Yevgeny Dod is reminded of premiums


Former Chairman of the Board of JSC RusHydro was accused of fraud.

Workers of the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP asked the president to conduct a new investigation into the accident


They do not believe in the conclusions of the examination; a corresponding letter to the Head of State was signed by 2000 people.

Gold megawatts of Yevgeny Dod


The lower the cost of RusHydro, the higher the income of its chairman of the board.