Russian Government


Transneft will deal with Caspian Pipeline Consortium


The Russian Federation will contribute its share in the consortium to the company's capital.

Alexey Kudrin urged to prepare for the inevitable increase in taxes


The Russian authorities intend to take the Russians to the cleaners. 

The privatization of Rosneft was paid by the Russian government


The budget profit from the sale of 19.5% of Rosneft is exceeded by the tax benefits for the oil company by 700 billion rubles.

The Russian government is preparing for the fall of oil and the ruble


The rise in prices on the oil market, which supported the influx of currencies to Russia and GDP growth, is close to the limit, the Russian Economic Development Ministry believes.

Russia has no more An-2s


The fleet of An-2s has exhausted its lifespan. 

The Russian government denied financial assistance to the Patrushevs' bank


The bank hoped to get 60 billion rubles, but now it is preparing to place eternal bonds.

Breath in the exhaust gases


The Ministry of Natural Resources named the cities of Russia with the most polluted air.

VEB fell the victim of budget cuts


The government will reduce the state corporation's support by one third.

Russian scientific expenses have not changed


Russia spends on the science just as much as twenty years ago, ranking the tenth in the world.   

The Russian authorities are short of 2 trillion rubles in 2017


Even the Russian Ministry of Finance cannot scrape together enough money for the military, road construction and special medicine. In 2019-2020, the government will need another 4 "extra" trillion rubles.

Battle for Runet


How the Russian authorities manipulate information and control us all.

The bridge to Sakhalin is not needed, but will be built


This bridge will be the construction project of the next decade: the costs may exceed 600 billion rubles, although there is no acute need for the project.

Russian Railways and its efficiency


How the financial success of Russian Railways is connected with the skills of the management of the state corporation.

State corporations will leave the budget without 400 billion rubles


The federal budget will again lose hundreds of billions of rubles from the mineral state corporations that make up the Russian economy, where the state's share has risen from 30% to 70% over 10 years.

Russia will keep the Siemens turbines


New power stations in the Crimea should start operating in a year, so there's no chance to find a replacement.

Dmitry Patrushev has amassed 200 billion rubles of bad loans


To form reserves, Rosselkhozbank asked the state for 308 billion rubles.

Belarusian leech


Moscow provides Minsk with a loan of $700 million for refinancing old debts.

Russian wealth is hidden in Western offshore zones


The Russians have as much money in offshore zones as in Russia. Every year, Russia loses from 15 to 50 billion dollars.

Russia's non-oil exports cannot keep up with oil


Foreign trade statistics for six months has not been improved.

Central Bank of Russia concerned about foreign currency debts of companies


The regulator fears excessive borrowing.

Russia undermines the export monopoly of Gazprom


The Commission of the Russian Security Council suggests discussing the liberalization of gas exports.

Russian Central Bank will present $109 billion to the US


It sounds like an ultimatum: if the Bank of Russia does not withdraw $109 billion invested in US debt obligations and does not transfer them to securities in Europe and China, the Federation Council will have to go back to the question of its nationalization.

Vladimir Putin did not support Igor Sechin


Vladimir Putin ordered Dmitry Medvedev's government to facilitate the dialogue between Gazprom and Rosneft.

Stepan Demura: "If Trump signs a law on new sanctions, it will kill the Russian ruble"


The well-known trader predicts the fall of the Russian currency in August and the rapid replacement of Russian gas in Europe by the US.

The Russian army is intensively buying long-range cruise missiles


They form the basis of the forces of strategic non-nuclear deterrence.

Poor billionaires: the number of super-rich Russians and their fortunes are shrinking


In Russia, there are fewer super-rich people with a fortune of $30 million, as follows from the data gathered by Wealth-X, a consulting company.

Sechin's plan: trillions of rubles of investment, growth of gas production and focus on petrochemistry


The implementation of the Rosneft-2022 strategy will increase the market value of the largest Russian oil company by 25-30%, Igor Sechin asserts.

Cash games


Why does the Ministry of Finance once again lure the citizens to by the federal loan bonds.