Russian Government


Russia's non-oil exports cannot keep up with oil


Foreign trade statistics for six months has not been improved.

Central Bank of Russia concerned about foreign currency debts of companies


The regulator fears excessive borrowing.

Russia undermines the export monopoly of Gazprom


The Commission of the Russian Security Council suggests discussing the liberalization of gas exports.

Russian Central Bank will present $109 billion to the US


It sounds like an ultimatum: if the Bank of Russia does not withdraw $109 billion invested in US debt obligations and does not transfer them to securities in Europe and China, the Federation Council will have to go back to the question of its nationalization.

Vladimir Putin did not support Igor Sechin


Vladimir Putin ordered Dmitry Medvedev's government to facilitate the dialogue between Gazprom and Rosneft.

Stepan Demura: "If Trump signs a law on new sanctions, it will kill the Russian ruble"


The well-known trader predicts the fall of the Russian currency in August and the rapid replacement of Russian gas in Europe by the US.

The Russian army is intensively buying long-range cruise missiles


They form the basis of the forces of strategic non-nuclear deterrence.

Poor billionaires: the number of super-rich Russians and their fortunes are shrinking


In Russia, there are fewer super-rich people with a fortune of $30 million, as follows from the data gathered by Wealth-X, a consulting company.

Sechin's plan: trillions of rubles of investment, growth of gas production and focus on petrochemistry


The implementation of the Rosneft-2022 strategy will increase the market value of the largest Russian oil company by 25-30%, Igor Sechin asserts.

Cash games


Why does the Ministry of Finance once again lure the citizens to by the federal loan bonds.

VTB privatization will take place only after the resignation of Andrey Kostin


The current head of VTB actually blocked the decision of the Government for the sale of a blocking stake in the bank. Now the privatization is possible either after the lifting of sanctions, or after the resignation of the stubborn top manager.

Dmitry Rogozin found "the source of slovenliness" at Voronezh Mechanical Plant


Deputy Prime Minister said that the investigation into the reason to revoke the Proton engines would be his personal business.  

Inconvenient citizen


Why FSIN "lost" Ildar Dadin.

AvtoVAZ reduced the number of employees by 7%


The dynamics has slowed in comparison with 2015 amid the market stabilization, but there's still the problem with surplus labor force.   

RBC investigation: the lost decade of the Russian budget


On December 9, the State Duma adopted the country's budget for 2017-2019 in the final reading, which can be considered a historical event, at least on paper. Russia reduced government spending in nominal terms for the first time during the reign of Vladimir Putin since the early 2000s.

Fast resignation: why Putin's ex-guard retired from politics


Acting Kaliningrad Region Governor Yevgeny Zinichev quitted his post having worked on the new position for less than three months. He didn't find himself in the governor's job, the sources told RBC.

Rogozin asked Putin to change the management of Uralvagonzavod


And to transfer the company itself to Rostec Corporation.

Navalny told about "Medvedev's dacha" in Ples


Alexey Navalny published a video of a huge residence near Ples, which, as he states, belongs to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The latter's press secretary, Natalia Timakova, says that the minister just uses it.   

Borrowed life of Uralvagonzavod


Oleg Siyenko forces the defense giant to bankrupt?

The Obama administration shares the view of corruption in the Russian government


Moscow calls the charges fiction and slander.