Russian Pension Fund


Alexey Ananyev generously donated retirement to officials


The TFR has opened a criminal case against the former owner of Promsvyazbank, Alexei Ananyev. He is suspected of giving bribes to officials of the Russian Pension Fund in the amount of 210 million rubles.

Oleg Deripaska tried to heat the PFR


One of the largest Russian NPF Socium, previously associated with Oleg Deripaska’s structures, was again at the center of the scandal.

Pensions have diverged to private funds


The Investigative Committee believes that this was a fraud.

Russian deputies and governors did not notice their pensions


The deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation who have reached the retirement age and representatives of the governor's corps from the size of pensions practically do not depend and often do not even register them.

Vyacheslav Volodin threatened with the abolition of state pensions in Russia


Speaker of the State Duma said that such an option is not ruled out in case of failure of the pension reform.

Head of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation Anton Drozdov lives in a penthouse worth 500 million rubles


If the chairman of the board of the PFR suddenly decides to sell his apartment with an area of ​​335 square meters, then the money will be enough to pay him an average Russian pension for 35,000 years.

Russian pensioners lost 100 billion rubles


These losses affected both "silent" people and those citizens who decided to change their NPFs.

Putin approved a reduction in pension costs and increased funding for security forces


The state will send money to pensioners and social expenditures for the army and pay for power structures.

Who will be affected by the reform to raise the retirement age and why is it needed?


Money for the rehabilitation of oligarchic banks and assistance to the victim of US sanctions, Viktor Vekselberg, is, and on old-age pensions (on average 2.5 times lower than in Poland) - no. Therefore, for Russian men, the retirement age will be increased from 60 to 65 years by 2028. For women, the retirement age will move from 55 to 63 years by 2034.

Vnesheconombank is equated to non-state pension funds


Otherwise VEB's role in the pension system will be incomprehensible.

0.5 billion rubles of pension savings disappeared from bankrupt non-government pension funds


Almost 19,000 insured clients suffered as the result of the elimination of non-government pension funds; who will compensate their losses is unknown.