Russian President Administration

The Presidential Administration of Russia (also known as Staff of Russia’s president, Presidential Executive Office) is the executive office of Russia's president created by a decree of Boris Yeltsin on 19 July 1991 as an institution supporting the activity of the president (then Yeltsin) and vice-president (then Aleksandr Rutskoy, in 1993 the position was abolished) of Russian SFSR (now Russian Federation), as well as deliberative bodies attached to the president, including the Security Council.

The chief of the presidential administration, his deputies, heads of main directorates and services and their deputies are appointed by the President of Russia and don't need to be approved by any other government body. Other staff is appointed by the chief of the presidential administration.

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In 2016, Vladimir Putin earned more than Dmitry Medvedev


The Minister for the North Caucasus Lev Kuznetsov turned out to be the richest person in the Russian government.

Ryazan Oblast is in good hands


The newly appointed Acting Governor of Ryazan Nikolay Lyubimov promised the president "to make everything like in Kaluga."

On all frontlines


What legacy the Russian Defense Ministry will have in 2017.

Facade Federation


How and why we need permanent missions in the Russian regions: the investigation.

Change of elites: what is behind the massive reshuffle in the power


After a large-scale reshuffle, senior positions have been occupied by new politicians who came from the security forces. According to RBC sources, this is the first stage of the renovation of the power team by 2018. RBC investigates, what are the Kremlin's reasons behind these changes. 

Bogus stories: what is known about president's friend Sergey Roldugin


Six facts about the life and business of the famous musician, who, according to Kremlin sources, is at the center of a new information attack on the Russian leader.

The Kremlin has sent a collection of the Putin's main quotes to politicians


New Year's gift from the president's administration for thousands of politicians and officials: the book "Words That Change the World." The collection of Vladimir Putin's quotes was published by Set Movement, which had received large government grants.

Navalny asked the FSB and the US Justice Department to check Peskov's rest


Alexey Navalny sent a statement to the Russian Investigative Committee, the FSB and the US Justice Department, accusing the president's press secretary of receiving "bribes". Navalny's Anti-Corruption Fund argues that the businessman Ziyavudin Magomedov paid for Peskov's vacation on a yacht Maltese Falcon.

Peskov reacted to Navalny's publication about the lease of a yacht for 26 million rubles.


Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov denied Alexey Navalny's publication about the lease of a yacht. According to him, he is in a hotel in Sicily. Navalny wrote that leasing a yacht cost about 26 million rubles a week.

Navalny found out that Peskov has "a collection of watches worth 9.5 million rubles"


Alexey Navalny suspects Dmitry Peskov of possession of a collection of expensive watches. These are the findings of the Anti-Corruption Fund established by the opposition politician which were acquired after analyzing photos of the president's press secretary.

RBC investigation: who's Russia's friend in Europe


Foreign politicians protecting the traditional values, "Russophiles" and European media associated with Moscow: RBC investigates who helps Russia in the information war with the West.

Who Vladimir Putin had to deal with


Vedomosti studied the heroes of Maxim Freidson's story: who was out of the game, who achieved career growth and what does the Russian president have to do with it.

Vladimir Putin has not been seen in public since the end of last week


Vladimir Putin has not appeared in public since 6 March. Since then, the Kremlin website reported on the meetings which had been held before the weekend retroactively. The Kremlin insists that the president is healthy.

Zolotov of the Putin's party


What owns the family which is the closest to the body of the president.

Necessary for the Kremlin: how Ramzan Kadyrov became a successful federal politician


In the current scenario, the Chechen leader is typical and even necessary for the Russian political system. Its relevance in the Kremlin will remain and may even increase as the overall situation in the country deteriorates. 

In February, Putin and his assistants decided that Russia's economy would survive the annexation of Crimea


The president and his entourage decided that foreign exchange reserves are large enough to suffer the consequences of possible sanctions and Western countries will not persist.

Non-existing daughters of Vladimir Putin


Russia is hit by another wave of discussion of the so-called "Putin's daughters". 

What "the patched-up peace" will bring for Russia and Ukraine


Negotiations between Surkov and Poroshenko, the "party of war" in Putin's entourage and the fate of the "people's republics".