Russian Presidential Administration


Valentin Yumashev told how Yeltsin saw a human in Putin


The former head of the Yeltsin administration gave a great interview to Vladimir Pozner.

Sergey Kiriyenko lobbies the allocation of 800 billion rubles to Rosatom


The richest state corporation in the country - Rosatom - announced plans to build a quantum computer for 24 billion rubles. State corporation throws the "glove" of Google and IBM?

"Mole" crawled out of Russia to the USA


The runaway employee of the Presidential Administration’s AP, alleged CIA informant Oleg Smolenkov, was calculated on buying a house in Virginia.

Rating: the wealthiest at the Russian Presidential Administration


The richest employee in the Presidential Administration in 2016 was the First Deputy Head of the PA Sergey Kirienko. He declared 85.5 million rubles of income. This is eight times more than his senior, head of the PA Anton Vaino, has: in his declaration, he indicated only 9.6 million rubles.

Russian secret service daughter: swimming, surfing, Bali


Ever wondered, what a daughter of a high-profile Russian foreign intelligence agency’s director can be engaged in? We have found out, what Sergey Naryshkin’s daughter is into.

"I find it funny when people say that I should live in Russia"


Elizaveta Peskova about her life in Paris.

How Vladislav Surkov's wife, Natalia Dubovitskaya, entertains herself


Anecdotes from Vinokur and flying on a private plane to the Emirates.