Russian Railways

JSC Russian Railways (JSC RZhD) is a Russian vertically integrated company, both managing infrastructure and operating freight and passenger train services. In 2012 it became one of the three largest transport companies in the world. The company was established on September 18, 2003, when a decree was passed to separate the railways from the Russian Ministry of the Means of Communication (MPS) (1992-2004, dissolved).

According to the 2011 JSC RZD Annual Report: the company plans to invest over 2.2 trillion rubles (about 70 billion dollars) until 2020 to upgrade and expand the network infrastructure (without high-speed and high-speed projects). Seven priority infrastructure development projects were allocated. These are approaches to the ports of the South of Russia, an approach to the ports of the North-West Russia, infrastructure in Western Siberia, and north of the Urals Federal District, Trans-Siberian Railway, Baikal-Amur Mainline, Mezhdurechensk, Abakan – Taishet station, the Moscow railway hub. The company recognizes that it has not sufficient funding for the major projects planned, and the cost of borrowing in the bond market does not allow to implement infrastructure projects with positive financial results and return on investment.

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Krapivin and Usherovich created a railway mafia in Russia


Recently arrested Deputy Transport Minister Vladimir Tokarev may begin to testify. Law enforcers entered the new schemes of "black earnings" Reilyan, Krapivin and Usherovich. Officials and businessmen earned not only on the ranks and "zero."

Andrei Belousov squeezed into the carriage to Russian Railways


The government is increasing its presence on the board of directors of a state corporation.

Dmitry Zakharchenko was on 5 million dollars cheated


Deciphering the testimony of the banker Gorbuntsov in the “Zakharchenko case”.

Bearings to Vladimir Tokarev


The deputy minister of transport and his wife could not get rich at 200 billion rubles on the emergency replacement of wheels from the Russian system to the American one.

Dmitry Zakharchenko tied to the "Moldavian Landromat"


The ex-colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs could provide cover for the withdrawal of more than $ 250 million by the beneficiaries of the 1520 group, investigators believe. They are studying the role of Moldovan politicians in the case, including Renato Usatii, who is still witnessing.

Oleg Belozerov will pay in kind with the state


Dividends to the state of Russian Railways will be paid by cars and real estate.

Roman Abramovich will be allowed on the rails ahead of the locomotive


Evraz Roman Abramovich and TMH Andrei Bokarev discuss participation in the financing of the high-speed highway Moscow - Kazan worth 1.7 trillion rubles. But the authorities have not yet decided on the need to implement this project.

Vladimir Putin questioned the benefits of the superhigh-speed railways


Railways will have to re-prove the feasibility of the megaproject.

Concession concluded on the Northern latitudinal way


VTB can finance the railway megaproject.

The billionaire colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko was involved with the contractor of Russian Railways


Valery Markelov, co-founder of the 1520 Group of Companies, transferred bribes to a werewolf policeman.

Companies from the list of Andrey Belousov will be offered to build a loss-making VSM and a bridge to Sakhalin


RZD picked up crazy projects worth 3.2 trillion rubles. It is still a matter of seizing hundreds of billions of rubles from metallurgical and chemical companies.

Most likely there will not be a bridge to Sakhalin


The government believes that cargo is not enough for him.

The government will tax metallurgists and fertilizer producers with taxes in favor of Russian Railways projects


The Kremlin will make deductions to railway projects (Moscow-Kazan VSM and the Sakhalin bridge) mandatory for private companies. The cost of these projects is more than 2 trillion rubles.

Sergei Vilshenko stole money from Artem Chaika and RZD


The head of Asia-Trans, allegedly hiding outside the Russian Federation, allegedly abducted 1.3 billion rubles from RZhD, and nearly 140 million rubles from the structures of the son of Prosecutor General Yury Chaika Artem.

The Ministry of Transport planned to spend more than 300 billion rubles on the Moscow train


Russian Railways and Transmashholding are planning to cut money from the federal and regional budgets.

Mega-projects of Oleg Belozerov


OAO RZD is designing another construction site at the BAM.

The coal rush has covered the government and the president of the Russian Federation


In their view, Russia should double its coal output by 2025, in order to catch up with consumption growth in China and South-East Asia.

Sakhalin Bridge is selected for support


The project was proposed for concession.

The government is in a hurry to take coal from Russia to China


By 2025, the Russian government plans to increase the export of coal through the eastern ports to China to 195 million tons. Earlier the plan did not exceed 180 million tons.

Ukraine lies on the rails


Kiev intends to ban passenger rail transportation to Russia.

Vladimir Putin launched the construction of a bridge to Sakhalin


The head of the Russian Federation instructed the government to work out another crazy infrastructure project. Its cost will be preliminary 540 billion rubles, which is twice the estimate of the Crimean bridge.

Russian Railways and NPF "Blagosostoyanie" abandoned the idea of selling Absolut Bank


The bank will remain on the balance sheet of RZhD and NPF "Blagosostoyanie".

Interprogressbank can get under the control of law enforcement agencies


"Interprogressbank" can get under the sights of siloviki. They will check his possible participation in the offshore empire of Alexei Krapivin. The bank itself, according to observers, is already breathing heavily.

China recognized the railroad through Russia to Europe as a loss-making


The partner of RZD, Chinese CREEC, considered the transcontinental project "Eurasia" to be unencumbered without concessional financing. His prospects depend on the participation of sovereign funds of the participating countries and the political situation, experts say.

"Rusal" needs discounts for travel expenses


The company asks for preferential rates for transport tariffs.

Developers from MR Group block the Khrunichev Center railway for the export of missiles


The construction of the third stage of the residential complex "Fili Grad" can block the logistics enterprise of the finished product. However, the enterprise that has suffered financial and technological catastrophe for a long time does not care.

The Moscow-Kazan railway has risen in price to 1.7 trillion rubles


Over the past year, the estimated value of this high-speed highway (VSM) has grown by almost a third. This road will become part of the BCM from Moscow to Beijing, worth 7 trillion rubles.

Sakhalin will be connected with the bridge with Russia


The project of the new bridge was estimated more expensive than the Crimean one.