Safmar Group


Gutseriev sells his development portfolio


The Mospromstroy project of Mikhail Gutseriev may depart UDevelopment.

Said Gutseriev will wash cryptocurrencies in Minsk


Paritetbank has become another asset of Said Gutseriev in Belarus. Earlier, he and Viktor Prokopenei invested in the first cryptocurrency exchange in the CIS.

Mikhail Gutseriev threw his nephew to eat "Trust"


For five years, Mikhail Gutseriev will buy back assets worth 94 billion rubles from Trust, another 41 billion rubles will be returned through an increase in Russneft's dividends.

Mikhail Gutseriev offended by Reuters


The industrial and financial group intends to sue the news agency because of inaccurate information.

Mikhail Gutseriev got into judicial battles with journalists


Earlier, the Safmar group accused the journalists of the publication of corruption.

Mikhail Gutseriev passed potassium in the "Trust"


The “Trust” bank undergoing the reorganization procedure received almost 25% of the Belarusian potash project of Mikhail Gutseriev “Slavkali”. This project was credited by the China Development Bank, and Alexander Lukashenko took part in the commencement ceremony.

Vladimir Kogan drains oil to Gutseriev


The Afipsky Oil Refinery Vladimir Kogan headed the ex-general director of the Krasnodar Oil Refinery, which is part of the Safmar group of Mikhail Gutseriev. Gutseriev - at the final stage of negotiations on the purchase of the plant.

Bonds "Discovery" do not cause Mikhail Gutseriev "Trust"


NPF Group plans to write off the holding bonds.

Family Gapontsevs replaced brothers Ananiev in the next ranking Forbes


Valentin Gapontsev and his son Denis with a capital of 3.14 billion dollars were among the ten richest families in Russia.

Elvira Nabiullina received the land of Mikhail Shishkhanov


Under the control of the former owner of Binbank, the agrarian holding company Rostagro went to the bad debts fund established by the Central Bank of Russia. In turn, the agrarian holding "White Bird", owned by the former owners of Promsvyazbank, the brothers Ananyev.

Media Markt leaving the Russian market began with the sale of goods


FAS will approve the sale of the Russian unit of the German network to the group "Safmar" in the near future.

Gutserievs reduced the share in their financial holding to repay loans


The Gutseriev family reduced the share in the holding company "Safmar Financial Investments", selling in it 15% for 10 billion rubles. The buyers are several large Russian businessmen. The money will go to pay off the loans of the group "Safmar".

The Gutseriev family bought an office in London for £ 18.5 million


The group "Safmar" purchased for 18.5 million pounds office building in London's West End, which houses the headquarters of Zodiak Media. Experts believe that the deal turned out to be beneficial for the Gutseriev family.

OVK billionaire Nesis came to the corporate conflict


EAST Group Alexander Nesis created one of the world's largest freight car manufacturers - the United Railcar Company, but retained only a minority stake in it. After the collapse of the "Moscow banking ring", the shareholders of the HVAC stopped understanding each other.

Fitch: VSK's solvency under threat from the Urban Group


The insurer will need to create 9.7 billion rubles of reserves, Fitch believes.

Mikhail Gutseriev captured a third of the market for all household appliances in Russia


After buying Media Markt, the group "Safmar" Mikhail Gutseriev controls almost 30% of the domestic market of consumer electronics and household appliances. Now the group has to live up to its expectations for capitalization growth, focusing on improving efficiency, increasing profitability and developing the online sales channel.

Mikhail Shishkhanov again tries to get rid of agrarian assets


His company "Rostagro" put up for sale 377 thousand hectares of land.

Mikhail Gutseriev buys Media Markt business in Russia


The co-owner of the ruined "Binbank" continues to seize retailers of household appliances and electronics in Russia. The goal is to create a mega-collective farm in the retail market, which will then be sold to Russian state-owned banks. For Russian consumers, this means the end of the era of competitive prices.

Why does Saudi Arabia want to build logistic parks in Russia


Saudi Arabia has acted as a partner of the Russian side in the logistics company PLT, which eventually can become one of the market leaders. To successfully develop the project, you need to invest at least $ 500 million, the expert says.

Mikhail Gutseriev has swung a monopoly in the market of consumer electronics in Russia


The group "Safmar" of the Gutseriev family is ready to purchase "Media Markt" stores in Russia.

Mikhail Gutseriev found and sold "Eldorado"


The businessman bought the network for 33 billion rubles, and now sells it for his own "M. Video" for 45 billion rubles.

M.Video will devour Eldorado


The networks of household appliances and electronics "M.Video" and "Eldorado", which are part of the "Safmar" group of Mikhail Gutseriev, are united.

Kings of Russian real estate earned over $ 8 billion in rent for the year


The newcomer of the rating this year could become Sergey Gordeyev, whom the real estate market players consider the owner of the Columbus shopping center.

Pension funds of Russians have already been wasted by oligarchs


The Bank of Russia suddenly became concerned about the creation of a mechanism for the recovery of independent pension funds. Experts cynically suggest that there is no money there.

In Russia, the family business is viewed as a mafia clan


The main owner of Safmar Group, Mikhail Gutseriev, told Forbes about the principle to let his relatives into the business.

The richest family clans in Russia


Forbes has been ranking the most successful entrepreneurial dynasties for four years consequently. The cumulative wealth of the ten richest families of Russia over the past year has increased by $2 billion, up to $27 billion. In three of them, newcomers appeared who received shares in business.

Binbank is under the observation of the Russian Central Bank


A financial bubble named after Gutseriev-Shishkhanov is ready to burst at any moment.

Atlantis of the Gutseriev-Shishkhanov clan


The business empire of Mikhail Gutseriev and his nephew, Mikhail Shishkhanov, is bursting at the seams. The main problem, the debt burden, cannot be solved.