Sberbank of the Russian Federation


Dmitry Mazurov's company will sue Sberbank and Antipinsky Oil Refinery in London


New Stream Trading estimates its losses from the actions of the defendants at hundreds of millions of dollars.

In the case of Dmitry Mazurov the smell of diesel fuel


The Ministry of Internal Affairs checks two transactions of the Antipinsky Oil Refinery 2017.

Igor Mavlyanov will not be able to hide in Israel


Sberbank is allowed to pursue the co-owner of Yashma Gold at the place of its new citizenship.

German Gref could not defeat Alexey Miller in waste


State companies and regional budgets have spent more than 1.5 billion rubles to participate in the St. Petersburg Economic Forum.

Dmitry Mazurov still hopes to deploy New Stream to his side


Three years ago, Dmitry Mazurov estimated his oil business at $ 1 billion. Since then, he has lost his key assets, Sberbank suspects him of conducting double-entry bookkeeping, and influential partners have drifted away.

German Gref again handed himself a bank


Last Friday, at a meeting of shareholders, German Gref was re-elected head of Sberbank. This period will be the fourth time for longtime acquaintance of Vladimir Putin.

Rambler found his niche in the pocket of German Gref


The history of Rambler - from the largest company of the Russian Internet to the Sberbank showcase.

Dmitry Mazurov's assets frozen under the decision of the London court


The largest independent refiner, Antipinsky Oil Refinery, is facing bankruptcy.

Herman Gref made the planes dry


As Sberbank wanted to get from state-owned enterprises several times more than it gave.

Gref Kostin fight because of the asset "Rossety"


Uralelektrostroy continues to master Sberbank funds in bankruptcy proceedings. Andrei Kostin's subordinates require competitive production for a large construction company.

Herman Gref looked at Alexander Alexander Mamut's Rambler


After trying to negotiate the purchase of Yandex, which has so far failed, Sberbank decided to invest in the Rambler Group burdened with debts.

Herman Gref will have all the "Ok"


Sberbank is negotiating the purchase of the retailer "Okay", writes Reuters. Moreover, if the transaction takes place, the state bank will not be long the owner of the company - he plans to resell the asset to a third party, according to agency interlocutors.

Herman Gref failed Turkish Gambit


Sberbank and UAE banking group Emirates NBD revised the amount of the transaction for the sale of the Turkish subsidiary of a Russian bank - Denizbank AS In dollars, the price fell by more than $ 400 million. Seven years ago, Sberbank paid $ 750 million more for the asset compared to the agreed transaction price.

Utair throws off 30 billion ballast


The airline has asked banks to write off the debt, otherwise it threatens to go bankrupt.

Herman Gref wound up insider


Sberbank phones call fraudsters card holders.

Herman Gref stumbled over Elvira Nabiullina


The differences of the head of Sberbank German Gref with the leadership of the Central Bank are discussed both in the Kremlin and in the government.

Gref and Kostin set their sights on Utair


Banks want to pick up the carrier for the project of a regional airline. Utair has heavy debts, and Sberbank is its largest creditor.

Herman Gref drip on personal data


Personal data of 420 thousand Sberbank employees became public. The reason for the leak could be the malicious actions of one of the bank employees.

Sberbank is assigned to New Stream


The Group's lender strengthened control over the Antipinsky refinery.

Sberbank was co-owner of the Okhotny Ryad shopping complex near the Kremlin


The structure of the Savings Bank belongs to almost 10% in the trading complex "Okhotny Ryad" near Red Square, which was previously pledged to the bank. Experts estimate the deal with one of the most visited metropolitan centers at 2.4-7.4 billion rubles.

Sberbank stuck in ROSTA


The lender is trying to withdraw money from the pharmaceutical factory.

Sberbank and "Tinkoff" launch a unified system of remittances by phone number


The State Bank for the first time let another bank into its system of card transfers.

Why the Urban Group collapsed


The company of Alexander Dolgin died in a falling market, leaving behind a huge unfinished.

Sberbank and VTB will transfer assets to a defense bank


Vladimir Putin instructed to create a scheme for transferring defense credits to Promsvyazbank (PSB). Loan repayment will occur at a discount and will be accompanied by a transfer of capital. At the same time, the PSB will not be the only authorized bank for the state defense order.

Sberbank intends to recover 13 billion rubles from Rostov LLC Palmali


He intends to collect 13 billion rubles from the Rostov LLC Palmali.

Sberbank and Rambler are going to make a revolution in the restaurant market


Their joint venture will allow you to order dishes before coming to the institution.

Owner O1 Group Boris Mintz with his family went to London


His O1 Properties is likely to be taken by a company that is associated with GC Region and Rosneft.

Sberbank came for the assets of the "Group Leader"


The enterprise of restaurateur Sergey Belkin was reminded of 250 million rubles of debt.