Shareholders of the bank "Vostochny" came to reconciliation


Shareholders set parity on the board of directors of the bank.

Sovcombank plans to attract $ 300 million on the exchange


The co-founder of Sovcombank announced plans for the withdrawal of the credit organization for an IPO after April 2019. The bank does not have an acute need for capital, and this statement is more of an image character, experts say.

X5 Retail Group climbed into the "Halva" brothers Khotimsky


The retailer will buy 50% in the operator of the issuance of Internet orders CTB, operating under the brand "Halva" and controlled by Sovkombank.

Sovcombank has finished Roseworbank


The share of the Khotimsky brothers in RosEvroBank reached the marginal 90%.

The Khotimsky brothers bank will include the Russian-Chinese investment fund


About the planned IPO Sovkombank its owners do not remember.

The last state insurer passed into private hands


The last state-owned insurance company (GSK) - Yugoria - changes the owner. On Wednesday, an auction was held, which won the group of companies "Region" Alexander Rudyk.

"Rosatom" found money for Finland


Sovkombank brothers Khotimsky will give at the NPP "Hanhikivi-1" to 500 million euros.

Peresvet is waiting for creditors


After six months of negotiations, they agreed to save the Russian Orthodox Church's bank.